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Balasana Step 3


About Yoga Aasan   Benefits   Media Gallery  Useful Links  Step 3 Try to hold your body in this posture for up to 2 minutes (Day by day increase the time). By inhaling release the pose and get back to your initial position or Vajrasana rest for while and repeat the pose about 3 to 5 times (During the process don’t give ... Read More »

Balasana Step 2

About Yoga Aasan   Benefits   Media Gallery  Useful Links  Step 2 Place your hands in forward direction in a way that they ought to totally lay on the ground and ought to be casual (Your hands should be adjacent to your feet and keep your hands to back direction just near to heels with palms facing up). As you touch the ... Read More »

Balasana Step 1


About Yoga Aasan   Benefits   Media Gallery  Useful Links  Step 1 First sit straight and comfortably in Vajrasana or table pose with your spine erect. Now breathe out gently and try to bend your body in forward direction towards your thighs. After that try to touch the floor by your forehead. Hindi To Read सबसे पहले वज्रासन में सीधे और आराम ... Read More »