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As a child, he worshipped Goddess Tara at his home. He had to take a job of a priest at the temple of Mauliksha Devi in Maluti due to growing poverty at home. But he was disqualified from the job because he could not chant Sanskrit mantras. He was converted to a cook at the same temple (but continued to worship Devi in informal mode during the night after his job was over), where he worked for a year or more before something fascinating was waiting for him in the burning ground of Tarapith. He found at Tarapith, the job of picking flowers and making it ready for puja and got a salary of Rs 2 per month. He ever questioned the priests, whether the statue of Goddess Tara was real, whether she can talk or has someone really seen her. Consequently, he met Pisach-siddha Brajabasi Kailashpati, a prolific tantrik in the Tarapith cremation ground. He used to stand far away from the crowd that met Kailashpati everyday, but concentrated on his preachings, where he heard the term “Kundalini” for the first time. He was hesitant to approach Kailashpati for he was uneducated but finally dived on Kailashpati’s feet demanding to help him see Goddess Tara. After several refusals, Kailashpati promised that Bama’s dream would come true. On one amavasya midnight, Kailashpati gave Bama the red robe, the trishul, the rudraksha,

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