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Subsequently, he mastered Tantra sadhana from his uttar sadhak (another senior disciple of Kailashpati) Kaulacharya Mokshadananda in Bamachar. Among his notable friends in Tarapith was a servitor of the Tara temple named Nagen Panda, whom he called Nagen—Kaka (Uncle—Nagen, even though Bama was much senior to him). He had an assistant named Gadai (usually shortened form of Gadadhar), who brought him food and took care of his hut/ashram. He was a rational person as opposed to being called mad; he fought back for the increase of salaries of temple servitors, and donated all of what his disciples would give him to get the tax of villagers waived and contributed significant portion of what people donated to the freedom struggle, through his disciple named Tarakhepa. He believed in non violence and had asked Tarakhepa (premonastic name Pramatha) and eminent revolutionary poet Mukunda Das to throw their guns. Such facts are never cited.

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