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Bijoy Krishna Goswami Achievements




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  • Narad devarishi: promulgated enlightenment and devotional chanting of Narayan (mantra for salavation).
  • Kapildev: According to the needs of the era sadguru Kapildev promulgated the fundamental truth duality as the constituent element of creation- The Purush (Innert and formless, attributeless Male, The Prakritee (active energy, attributes, manifest forms – Frmale) and the 22 manifest being and the ways and means to get rid of the bond of the Prakritee.
  • Ribhudev: Knowledge and renunciation as the means of salvation.
  • Duttatreya dev: Knowledge of Vishnu maya’s veil, knowledge of Brahmagyan and Yoga of Shiv Agan (Te trio) as the means to overcome that Maya or illusion.
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