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Brahmanand Swami was born in the village of Khan near mount Abu in Rajasthan, on the auspicious day of Vasant Panchmi of Vikram Samvat year 1828.  He was born in the Barot caste of father Shambhdan and mother Laluba.

Once Ladudan went to the local King palace and there he sang a few poems praising the King and his virtues.  Seeing the poetic genius of the young Ladudan the King asked Shambhudan Gadhavi to allow Ladudan to be taught Pingal (science of constructing poetry) at the royal expense.  Thus Ladudanji learnt Pingal and other scriptures and became an erudite in poetry, and other scriptures.

Soon Ladudanji was a well known poet in the royal courts of Dhangadra, Jamnagar and Bhavnagar.

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