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Chakkar Chalunee Kri’ya



May 10,1996
331. Sit in Easy Pose with your elbows bent so that your upper arms are alongside your rib cage and your elbows rest against the lower ribs. Your forearms point upward. The palms are flat and face the heavens. The fingers are firm. Move your forearms in small inward circles keeping the palms flat and facing upwards. Move from the elbow but keep the elbows resting on the lower ribs. .A1> you move your eyes will close automatically. Chant along with the tape of faap Sahib-Last Four LInes by Kulwant Singh.

hanar Chakkar Vartee, Chattar Chakkar BhugataySuyambhav Subhang,

Sarab Daa Sarab Jugatay

Dukaalang Pranaasee, Dayaalang

Saroopay Sadaa Ang Sangay

,Abhangang Bibhootay

Cham using the tip of your tongue against your upper palate. This will affect your thalamus and hypothalamus. 11-18 Minutes. “Once the thalamus and hypothalamus shall move, you shall have a different world to live in. You will enter a different horizon.”

To finish: Inhale, hold your breath for 10-15 seconds, while making your inward circles as fast as you can (3 times per second) and exhale. Repeat this sequence two more times.