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751) Ue flat on the back and raise the left leg as far as possible. Keeping the leg straight, reach up and and grab the ball of the left foot. If this is not p0ssIble,
grab the ankle or the calf. keeping the leg straight. In this position. begin vigorously kicking the buttocks with the right heel Continue for 2•3 minutes. switch sidesand repeat.
2) Come up Into shoulder stand with the Weight resting on the elbows. Lower the left leg to the ground over the head. While raising ~ left leg. lower the right leg. Continue to raise and lower alternate
legs in this scissor motion for 2 -3 minutes.
3) Sit up with the Jegs straight and spread wide apart. Grasp the big toe of each foot with the same hand. Stretch to bring the forehead down to the left knee, then to the right knee., and then to the center. MaIntaining a rapid pace. continue this left, right, centersequence for 2·3minutes.
4) Ue flat on the back. Uft the legs over the head Into plow pose. then return them to the Ooor. Continuethis
motion2·3 mlnutes.
lAdJes 10m beneftt from doing thJs exercise eoeryday.





765) Ue flat on the stomach with the chin point on the ground. Make fists of the hands and fit them into the area besic:Ie the groin. Point the toes and press on the fists while raising the legs as high off the ground as possible into locust pose. Keep the legs straight and hold this position for three minutes.
776) Ue flat on the stomach with the heels touchJng. Keeping the arms relaxed by the sides. arch up and raise the head and chest off the ground as much as possible. Stick the tongue aD the way out and breathe rapidly tIuough the mouth. Continue for 2·3 minutes.

797) Continue the breath desaibed above and put the hands down to support the upper body. coming Into cobra pOse. Bend the knees bringing the feet toward the head. Arch the back. trying to touch the head to the toes. Continue for 2-3 minutes.
8) Remaining on the stomach. grab the·ankles and arch up Into bow pose. Bend the neck to touch the left ear to the left shoulder. Hold for 45 seconds. Change so that the right ear touches the right shoulder.
Hold for 45 seconds.
ThJs Isa good exercise for people who may hOue hypoglycemla.

















9) Remaining In bow pose with head straIgh~ rock back and forth for 1-3 minutes.
10) Squat in crow pose, being sure to keep the heels flat on the ground throughout the exercise. Hold the palms together In front of the body with the arms parallel to the ground and the elbows . straight. Rise to a &tanding position on each Inhale. and return to crow pose on the exhale. Continue for 2-3 minutes.
11) Come Into frog pose. slowly raise the buttocks by straightening the legs; retum to frog pose. Continue slow frog bits 2 • 3 minutes. then stand with the legs straight and bend at the waist so that.the torso Is parallel to the ground. The arms and head hang down relaxecl. Shout continuously and asloud as possiblefor 2·3minutes.
12) Sit In rock pose. Place the hands on the shoulders
with·the fingers In front and thumbs In back. Rhythmically twist left and right. Continue for 2 • 3 minutes.

8113) Still sitting In rock pose. stick the thumbs into the annplts &0 that the fingers rest on the chest and are pointing toward each other. Raise and lower the elbows rapidly as Ifflying. Continue 2 • 3 minutes.
14) Stlll sitting In rock pose Interlace the fingers behind the back. Bring the forehead to the Ooor and raise the armS up as high as possible Into yoga mudra. Keep the arms straight. Breathe long and deep for 2·3 minutes.



15) Still sitting In rock pose. raise the anns up IJO that they are parallel to the floor and bend them 90 degrees, &0 that the right hand presses down on the left hand and the left hand pushes up on the right. Both palms face down. Maintain maximum tensionfor two to three minutes.
16) Still sitting In rock pose, open the hands. fingers spread. Stretch the anns outIn front parallel to the ground. Then using alternate hands make a grasping movement and pull toward the heart center with great tension as If pulling a 200 pound weight. Continue a1temately stretching. grasping, and puJJing with maximum tension for 2·3 minutes.
17) Sit In easy pose. Cap the hands In front of the chest with the elbows straight and arms parallel to the floor. Immediately bring the arms out to the sides with the wrists bent back 90 degrees. arms stUl straight and parallel to the Ooor. Then bend the arms to clap behind the head, keeping the elbows stretched back as far as possible and finally clap behindthe&maD ofthe back. Clap with maximum force and as loudly as possible. Continue rythmicaJIy and rapidlyIn four counts for 2·3 minutes.








8418) Sit In full lotus or easy pose. Place the fists on the ground close to the bodV. Raise and drop the buttocks 25 • 30 times. If sitting In easy pose. take care to use the arms only to Uft off the ground.
19) Sit on the right heel wlth the left leg straight and toe pointed. Place the palms on the ground near the buttocks. RaIse the leg up to a 60 degree angle. (Avoid leaning back.) Hold one minute. SWitch and hold one minute. Raise both legs up to 60 degrees. Hold one minute more.
20) Sit In easy pose With the hands resting on the knees. Rotate the waist, grlndJng deeply In a COUJiterclockwise
direction. Change direction. Do this exercise
for a total of2·3 minutes. .