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Exercise Set for The Brain and Parathyroid



1) Sit in Easy Pose . Interlock the hands behind the neck .79
Keep the neck straight and begin twisting p owerfully from
left to right. Chant p owerfully aloud : Hari Har, Hari Har,
Hari Har, Hari with the tip of the tongue hitting the upper
palate b ehind the teeth . One repetition every 2-3
seconds . Rhythmically coordinate the movement with
the mantra for 4 minutes .
This exercise stim ulates the thyroid an d parathyroid
glands .
2) Come into Celibate P ose , sitting between t h e h eels
with the b uttocks touching the ground . Keep the spine
straight . Interlace the fingers in Venus Lock behind the
neck (A) . Listen to the tape of Jaap Sahib and begin to
bow to the Nam astang rhyth m , touching only your chin
to the ground (B) . If the tape is n ot available , perform the
exercise in the following 1 0-count rhythm : down on 1 ,
up on 2 , down on 3 , up on 4 , down on 5 , up on 6 , down
on 7 , up on 8, remain up for 9 & 10. Continue for 1 5
minutes .
The p osture in this exercise , also known as B h ujar
Bh ujang Asan , relieves problems of the reprod uctive area
and the p ituitary gland. Whe n the chin touches the
ground the parathyroid gla n d is stim ulate d . This exercise
is a yogic practice guaranteed to change the total s u m of
3} Sit in Easy Pose . Place the palms on the floor on each
side . Keep the elbows straight (A) . Listen to the tape
Wahe G u ru , Wahe Jeeo . Begin to rhythmically rotate
the whole bod y , moving d eep from the navel . Move with
the music and when the singing begin s , c opy the exact
sound . Continue for 1 5 min utes . If the tape is not
available , move in the p osture and breathe long and
gently for 7- 1 1 min utes .
This exercise works on the parathyroid gla n d and
develops the power to listen .