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Exercise Set for Electromagnetic Frequency



1) Sit in Easy Pose . Fully extend the arms out to the51
sides with the fingers stretched back from the palm and
tensed like claws . The entire hand should be rigid and
taut, like a lion’s paw . Alternately cross your wrists over
your head and return your arms out to your sides ,
parallel to the ground (A) . Keep the lion’s paw tight.
Move powerfully and rhythmically . Begin a breath of fire ,
coordinating one inhale-exhale with e ach movement.
Continue for 9 min utes and then without stopping, stick
your tongue all the way out and continue for 15 seconds
more (B). Then inhale and h old the arms up at 60 ° for
15 seconds . Exhale. Repeat. Inhale and hold again for
30 seconds . Exhale and relax by singing the song “Nobility”
from the heart for 3-4 minutes or sit quietly breathing
long and gently for 3-4 minutes.
This exercise works on the electromagnetic frequency of
the brain. The hand position pressurizes all the fingertips
which control the brain and its functions. The lymph and
nervous systems are tuned up and the powerful breath of
fire stimulates the pituitary gland and causes the pineal
gland to change the frequency of the radiance of your
magnetic field .