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Exercise Set for The Kidneys



1) Sit with the legs and arms extended straight in front of64
you . Tightly fold the fingers onto the pads and point the
thumbs up (A) . In this p osition, inhale , exhale and ben d
a l l t h e way forward from the hips , keeping t h e arms
parallel to the ground (B) . Use a heavy , powerful breath .
The breath m ust get heavier and heavier as you continue.
Do 2 bends every 5 seconds for 5-6 minutes .
2) Lie down on your back , bend the knees and grasp the
ankles . Inhale and raise the b uttocks , pressing the n avel
p oint up; e xhale d own . The feet and neck remain on the
groun d . Move rhythmically for 8 minutes .
This exercise w orks on the neck, kidneys, u rinary tract,
and is helpful for hernia problems . The heavy breath
sti m ulates the pituitary gla n d to secrete .
3) Come into a Cat/Cow p osition supporting yourself
on your hands and knees . The knees are about shoulder
width apart and the a rms should be straight. Begin
Cat/Cow with a h eavy breath, inhaling as you flex your
spine d ownwards as if someone were sitting on your back
while your head arches up and back, exhaling as you flex
the spine in the opposite direction (A) . Continue for 2
minutes . Then remain in Cow Pose and stretch the left
leg back






and up (B) . Hold for 30 seconds and switch to66
the right leg for 30 seconds . Now switch back to the left
leg and kick the left buttock with the heel (C) for 1
minute . Change and kick the right h eel for 30 seconds .
This exercise works on the kidneys .
4) Lie on your back . Wrap your arms around your shins
and hug the knees to the chest . Tuck your nose up between
your knees and hold it there while you relax in this
position for 1 – 2 min utes . The n maintain this posture and
sing “Nobility” for 5-6 m i n u tes followed by “All Things
Come from God” for 2 min utes , or breathe long and
gently for 7-9 min utes .
5) Sit in Crow Pose , a crouching position with the k nees
drawn into the chest and the soles of the feet flat on the
ground . Stretch the arms straight out in fron t , paralle l to
the ground a n d balance yo urself for 1 minute . Then
begin contin u ously chanting , Har, Har, Har . . . with the
tip of the tongue hitting the upper palate with each repeti tion
. Feel the connection between the tip of the tongue
and the n avel . Chant for 2-3 m i n utes , then inhale deeply
, tighten the lips a n d mouth and balance the entire body
with the breath . Hold this breath 20 seconds , feeling that
you are in total control , then exhale . Inhale and tighten
again , balance your body under your control 30 seconds ,
then exhale and relax .
This exercise totally stim ulates the kidneys and urinary
tract. If you fee l dizzy during the exercise , it is an indica tion
that you need to drin k more water.
6) Sit in Easy Pose . Both hands are in Gyan Mudra
The left forearm is held p arallel to the ground in front of
the chest, palm facing down. The right forearm is held
near the side , perpendicular to the gro und, elbow bent
sharply . the right palm faces up along side of the ear,
stretching back as far as possible . Stretch your spine up .
Pull up on the muscles of the buttocks , h ips and sides lif:
ing the upper structure till there is no weight on the b ut:
ocJ<s . Pull in the abdomen and lift the ribs and diaphragm
up , chest out , chin in . Hold 30 seconds, then let the ten<;
ion go . Continue for 5 minutes , then inhale and relax .
. ‘low maintain this strong upward pull , and with the tip of
􀉇he tongue chant ” Wahe G uru , Wah e G u ru , Wahe G uru ,
Wah e Jeeo . Keep the waist area drawn up . The eyes will
:eel heavy and the breath will automatically become very
ight. Accuracy of the m u dra is essential . Continue for 5
minutes the n inhale and relax .
This exercise is called Kun ch u n Mudra . It is very po w erful
rnd purifying. It enables total relaxation of the b ody .
When the posture is very accurate, it is e q ual to exercising
48 hours straight. There is no limit to the length of
ime you can practice this m udra b ut m a ke s ure to build
;our time slowly .