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Exercise Set for The Lungs And Bloodstream



1) Sit in Easy Pose with a straight spine . Hold onto your
knees with your hands . Inhale completely , stretching
your ribcage to your maximum capacity. Do not sip more
air in later, and don’t leak . Place your tongue behind the
teeth aga inst the back of the u pper teeth at the roof of the
mouth . Relax the spine , keeping the breath held in .
Begin flexing the spine rapidly until you can no longer
hold the breath in and then exhale . Grad ually increase
the time you h old your breath to one minute . Continue
for 11 minutes .
This exercise is an excellent way to build stamina, to
, make the blood suck up the oxygen from the lungs, and
to help the heart muscles regulate and reorganize
themselves. It will pressurize the kidneys, gonads and
adrenals. It is necessary to be able to hold a full inhale for
1 minute in order to supply optimum oxygen to the blood63
stream. When less than the required oxygen is available
in the blood, the brain, organs and glands are unable to
function properly and the systems break down causing ill·
ness. When this exercise is done for 11 minutes a day or
a maximum of 22 minutes, it will totally purify the
rt is suggested that if you do it for 22 minutes to take a rest
after the first 11 minutes and then continue for 11
minutes more.