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The basic purpose of life is just to be human and to deal with life as a human being. Don’t become so bitter that somebody will throw you away or so sweet that someone can eat you up. -YOGI BHAJAN

This chapter incluaes … What is Humanology? The Cycles of Life (The Three Rings of Success) The Cycles of Life (The Three Rings of Success) (chart) Shakti & Bhakti Fate or Destiny-Karma or Dharma The Soul & the Subtle Body Guilt vs. Responsibility Yogi Bhajan on Righteous Living The Power of the Mother Living this Incarnation as a Man or as a Woman Relationships Death Yogi Bhajan on The Art of Being Prosperity-Resources to Fulfill Your Destiny Giving Your 1 /IOth Harmonious Communication Ten Sacred Secrets to Success COPYRIGHT YOGI BHAJAN 2003 228 228 228 229 229 229 229 229 230 231 231 239 240 241 241 242 243

What is Humanology? HUMANOLOGY IS THE APPLIED PSYCHOLOGY OF THE HUMAN BEING from the perspective of Kundalini Yoga. Hu means “ray” or “the radiance;” man means “the mind.” Hu-man means the radiance of mind. Humanology presents practical lifestyle guidelines for the full spectrum of human energies and capacities: physical, mental and spiritual, Kundalini Yoga brings awareness. When we apply that awareness to our lives. it can support us to live healthy, happy, holy lives, regardless of our circumstances. We are not humans born for a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings born for a human experience. When we live our lives with this awareness, we live with dignity and grace, royalty and purity in all situations. The Cycles of Life (The Three Rings of Success) As humans we are designed with mechanisms which allow us to be engaged in the process of change, both consciously, through our cultivated and directed efforts, and unconsciously by the structure and flow of life and mind. We are a complex system of experiential bodies which interact for our vitality and awareness. for example, we can consciously control or change the patterns of the breath, thus creating change in our physical and mental states. Or, in reverse, our emotional state influences our breath in an unconscious manner. We recognize that the mind releases about one thousand thoughts per blink Linear Time of the Years The secret to fulfilling ourselves as human beings with this complex system of experiential bodies is to master the balance. maintenance and development of the Cycles of Life. These are cycles of development which are opportunities for us to review our life, our intelligence, and our consciousness. These cycles guide the balance between our awareness, our applied intelligence, and our physical structure. The three cycles function like tides of energy that pace the development of these three aspects of our self. Their natural, optimal ratio is affected only by extreme environmental, psychological or health factors. In Humanology we are aware of these cycles and we welcome their chal lenge as a part of cultivating our maturity. • The 18-year Cycle of Life Energy reviews the physical health and vitality plus the overall life quality. • The 11-year Cycle of Intelligence reviews the applied intelligence; how our intelligence affects our actions. • The 7-year Cycle of Consciousness reviews the basic level and style of consciousness. How do we understand things? What are our priorities? We may also utilize the ratio of these cycles to one another to evaluate our balance. For instance, for every 1 8-year Cycle of Life, we should have evolved 2.57 cycles in consciousness. Our entire life is a cycle, a destiny cycle, to express who we are as a human being. THE CYCLES OF LIFE (The Three Rings of Success) of the eye. We are constantly processing these thoughts and the accompanying impulses and feelings. The thoughts which are not processed get stored or delayed in the subconscious. However. the subconscious buffer is limited, and it can overfill. Then the thoughts and feelings are put into the unconscious. Once in the unconscious, we lose control of the outcomes and the timing of the reactions to those thoughts. This phenomenon increases during times of rapid or intense change. Meditation techniques, especially White Tantric Yoga, are effective for keeping the subconscious clear and ready to thrive under change and fi) 0 0 0 0 0 25———-50 __________ 75 __________ 1 00 stress. • 228 • KRI INTERNATIONAl TEACHER TRAIN

The secret to fulfilling ourselves as human beings with this complex system of experiential bodies is to master the balance. maintenance and development of the Cycles of Life. These are cycles of development which are opportunities for us to review our life, our intelligence, and our consciousness. These cycles guide the balance between our awareness, our applied intelligence, and our physical structure. The three cycles function like tides of energy that pace the development of these three aspects of our self. Their natural, optimal ratio is affected only by extreme environmental, psychological or health factors. In Humanology we are aware of these cycles and we welcome their chal lenge as a part of cultivating our maturity. • The 18-year Cycle of Life Energy reviews the physical health and vitality plus the overall life quality. • The 11-year Cycle of Intelligence reviews the applied intelligence; how our intelligence affects our actions. • The 7-year Cycle of Consciousness reviews the basic level and style of consciousness. How do we understand things? What are our priorities? We may also utilize the ratio of these cycles to one another to evaluate our balance. For instance, for every 1 8-year Cycle of Life, we should have evolved 2.57 cycles in consciousness. Our entire life is a cycle, a destiny cycle, to express who we are as a human being.

NG MANUAl lEVEL I Cycle of Consciousness 0 __ 7 ___ 14 ___ 21 ___ 28 __ 35 __ 42 __ 49 __ 56 __ 63 ___ 70 ___ 77 __ 84 __ 91 __ 98 Cycle of Intelligence 0 ___ 11 22 _____ 33 _____ 44 ____ 55 ____ 66 _____ 77 ____ 88 ____ 99 Cycle of Life Energy 0 18 _________ .36 ___ -’54 ________ 72. ________ .90. ____ 108 Notice certain “clusters,” or major phase transitions, where all the cycles converge for a few years. A phase transition means awareness, values, intelligence, means of action, energy levels and relationships all shift to form a new world. Change is continuous through life. These clusters are peaks of change and require special efforts to cross with integrity and balance. Each has developmental challenges and lessons that can be incorporated for healthy growth. The main clusters are: Birth 33-35-36 63-66 11-14 42-44 72-77 18-21-22 54-55-56 Death COPYRIGHT YOGI BHAJAN 2003 Shakti Et Bhakti Shakti is the power of the universe. In this consciousness, we experience our power and strength, as manifested in the mantra: “God and me, me and God are one.” Bhakti is devotion. surrender. humility and reverence to the Universe: “God, I am your devotee.” These two polarities challenge us to be clear, direct, and powerful while remembering that we are the servants of the Universe. Fate or Destiny-Karma or Dharma Fate and destiny-karma and dharma-exist together. At every moment we can choose to act in our fate or in our destiny. In fate, we create karma-actions we must complete or resolve. Acting in destiny we are in flow with the universe, with our spirit and with our basic nature. These actions are beyond karma. They are in dharma or living within our destiny cycle. Yet, it is karma which causes us to incarnate. Rather than seeing karma as a punishment, one can view it as the gateway into the human experience through which we can shift into dharma. It is said that even the angels envy this opportunity for incarnation. The Soul Et the Subtle Boay Our soul, not the limited ego, chooses to be born. Our infinite soul, in harmony with the Universal Soul. chooses to be incarnated. The parents are chosen, plus the longitude, latitude, and time. The Universal Mind records and holds the patterns of the psyche. The subtle body carries some of these patterns. When we incarnate, we come to Earth as a soul encapsulated by the subtle body. Our soul is our True Self. The subtle body capsule carries and surrounds the soul. If the soul did not have the enclosure of a subtle body, it would melt into the Universal Being. The subtle body not only encapsulates the soul, it also provides each individual with a unique manifestation. Each soul has been granted by the Universal Self a specific and unique purpose in the universal plan. Our developed and undeveloped unique abilities or patterns, are carried on the subtle body. When the subtle body contains many limiting patterns, our soul cannot radiate brightly and direct the self. The soul returns again and again, remembering a little, forgetting, then remembering, until the destiny task is manifested. Each being has a very unique destiny to fulfill which no one else can complete.

I magine a concert with 40 musicians. Each musician plays specific music, with unique melodies and with a unique tempo. Together all musicians create a beautiful symphony, containing harmony, rhythm. life and feel ing. It is similar to our earthly “concert.” Each person is playing an instrument and is destined to play a specific melody with a unique tempo. We reincarnate again and again until we “tune in” and create harmony in the “concert.” And the concert is love and service. Guilt vs. Responsibility The way that we classify an action determines the success of how the action is processed. We are soul. We are never separated from the Universal Being or God because we come from the same essence: “God and me. me and God are one.” There is no separation, even though we may “feel” that we are separated. Separation begins when we forget that our true identity is God. Guilt or sin is based on the thought that we are separated from God. We believe that we are separated, and then act against harmony. We blame our self and also God for our own actions. Feelings of guilt close us down and drive us deeper into dark patterns, making it very difficult to discover the real ity of a situation. We are always soul. When we begin to have feelings of guilt. we have forgotten that we are soul. Guilt contracts us and makes it impossible for us to respond with our true heart and essence. Guilt originates from a self-image of being ” bad” and separate from God. True responsibility (response-ability), the recognition of our interdependence, is the opposite of guilt. This is real caring, not out of fear, but out of love and interdependence. Fear vs. Love. It is from this perspective that we act in integrity.

The Power of the Mother The mother is the vessel through which one enters planet Earth. In the yogic tradition, the woman is called Adi Shakti which is the primal energy or force. Each woman carries this blessing, and with this blessing comes the very important responsibility of being a mother. She has the power to conceive and create through the power of her surrender, her love, her clarity and purity, whether it be creating children of her body, ideas, or environments. THE 1 20TH DAY From the yogic point of view, a subtle connection between the cells of the embryo and the soul to be incarnated occurs at conception. However, even though the soul does not actually inhabit the body until 120 days after conception, the soul can influence and communicate with the mother. Often the woman will have a vision of the child or feel a drastic pull to change her lifestyle. These experiences are triggered by hormonal changes which not only affect the woman’s metabolism but also her intuition and mind. She may encounter a range of new experiences, such as sensitivity, awareness, or emotional turbulence. During pregnancy, the doors of the subconscious mind become more open, and the mother-to-be experiences new feelings and thoughts. The soul of the child also challenges the mother and plays an active part in her changes before the !20th day of pregnancy. During this time the soul has not entered the fetus, and it is not influenced by the electromagnetic field of the Earth or by the mental state of the mother-to-be. It is still a “free-agent”. MOTHER AND CHILD AFTER THE I 20th DAY From the !20th day of pregancy until the navel cord is cut, the experiences of the women become the foundation of the subconscious m ind of the child. When a woman changes her mind patterns and habits, this change is automatically passed onto the child. The child does not have to make a conscious decision to change the pattern: the energies are adjusted by the mother. Actually this specific karmic imprint on the child’s subtle body is erased. So, the mother and the child have an interlocked relationship. I) The soul decides to incarnate through a certa in woman; 2) The mother accepts or rejects responsibility to bear the child. In the yogic tradition, the family and community have a celebration on the ! 20th day of pregnancy. The woman receives presents, good wishes, and support from her family, friends, and community. Her loved ones com mit themselves to protect and

support her surroundings with uplifting and meditative energies in order that she may nurture the child growing in her. In this way, she can relax and feel secure. THE EFFECT OF MEDITATION ON PREGNANCY It is recom mended that a woman meditates often and lives in uplifting environments when she is pregnant. Meditation will assist her to create harmony within her changing self and her environments. It is also helpful that she is often in the company of inspiring women, to share, to receive support and to meditate with them. When she meditates before the !20th day and creates harmony within herself, it is even possible that a more developed soul can be incarnated. And when she meditates after the !20th day, she affects the karmic state of the child. The child is also influenced when the conception occurs in a higher state of consciousness. For a couple who has decided to have a child, it is recommended that they maintain a meditation practice together, particularly before intercourse. A special uplifting and loving feeling is created, merging their energy fields and preparing them for a conscious conception. BIRTH Yogic technology says that at birth we are allocated a certain amount of prana. This is regulated by our Pranic Body. AFTER BIRTH When the umbilical cord is cut the physical and auric separation between the mother and the child begins. It will take the child and mother about three years to rebuild independent auras. Yogi Bhajan has focused many of the teachings into the development of the grace of woman, because it is through the advancement and spiritual harmony of woman that the human race can be uplifted.

Living this Incarnation as a Man or as a Woman The soul itself is without gender. We incarnate between earth and the ethers for particular experiences. Sometimes we incarnate as a man and sometimes as a woman, in order to learn specific lessons. Each incarnation is comprised of different experiences that allow us to make decisions to ultimately fulfill our destiny. It is said that the human incarnation is envied even by angels, because of the unique opportunity to make a conscious choice to be free from of the cycle of birth and death. THE ACID BATH When the child in the mother’s womb is a boy, a chemical is secreted which is said to cause the amniotic fluid to become acid. This diminishes the full functioning of the boy’s right brain hemisphere. This acidity, called acid bath, causes males to be more left brain oriented. If it is a girl, the acid bath does not occur. It is said that in ancient times, it was necessary for the function of the male’s right hemisphere of the brain to be diminished. This allowed men to venture into unknown territories, endure horrible fighting with other tribes or with Nature, protect their families, and be the protective psyche for their wives. Today the male is challenged to use and create harmony between both hemispheres of his brain and expand his reality. THE BIRTH TRAUMA FOR A MALE When the umbilical cord is cut. the aura of the mother and the child begin to separate. The male child experiences the polarity between himself. as male, and his mother, as female. The first experience of this polarity is separation. After the feeling of separation comes longing. A very young male may idolize his mother. When he

becomes a little older. his mother says to him: “You are my son; I am not your wife. This is my husband. You are the son.” He must confront and resolve that he has been separated from his mother. He must resolve that he is an identity within his own self and learn how to function in that relationship. THE BoY•s IMAGE OF THE IDEAL WOMAN During the challenge of resolving his identity, the boy creates an image of his ideal woman. This ideal woman is either a mirror of his mother or the exact opposite. For example, if his mother is a business woman and always traveling, he might create an ideal woman who is very domestic. It can be difficult for the young male if his mother is not aware of his process, or if there is no father in the family, or if his father has a poor self-image. In that case, the boy does not have a defined and stable role-model . When the male image is poor, the young boy will need to create this image on his own, from his fantasy, from movies or books, or from images of a variety of males in his community. This causes a fragmented selfimage based in fantasy. THE BIRTH OF A GIRL When a girl is born and the umbilical cord has been cut, the female child experiences less polarity and separation from her mother than does a male child. Both the mother and the female child have heart arclines which bring compassion and connection. The male nature requires the experience of challenge just as much as the feminine nature needs connection. The connection between mother and female child is weaker if the mother has difficulties with her self-esteem or does not accept the female child. This programming is rooted in the idea predominant in many cultures that a woman must birth a boy in order to satisfy her husband or for her own security in the future. When a woman gives birth to a female child and rejects

her, this female child will be confronted with a m ultitude of problems concerning her self-esteem. At birth the female child has ovaries and ovum. They are not mature at this time. however, each ovum which she will ovulate is present. carrying genetic information. The female child in the depths of herself has the feel ing of being a creative being. ESTABLISHING IDENTITY From the yogic point of view, the brain, the body functions, the subconscious mind, and the identity of a male child and a female child are not the same at birth. These differences are not to be judged as good or bad. These differences are to be recognized and accepted, that each child needs his or her own developmental support. It is easier for a male or female child to establish their own identity: I) when the mother is stable in her identity as woman and mother, 2) when the father is stable in his identity as man and father, 3) when the parents are stable in their relationship and are secure within their own community. WAYS TO FULFILL DESTINY FOR A MAN AND FOR A WOMAN A male has one option to liberate himself from his fate and fulfill his destiny: • Become one with the universal consciousness. A woman has four options to liberate herself from her fate and fulfill her destiny: • Become one with the universal consciousness. o Give birth to a saint, hero or giver. • Serve her husband. • Serve her spiritual teacher. The three additional options, which a man does not have, all focus on serving. A woman can serve without her consciousness being totally connected with the universal consciousness, because of her nurturing mother nature. A man has worked hard to establish his identity when he was a male child. Therefore, it is more challenging for him to serve and relinquish his developed identity. However, it is very essential for a man to also develop the ability to serve. THE ARCLINE AND THE AURA OF A WOMAN A woman has two arc lines: I) one located over her hair line. from one ear to the other ear, 2) one located across her chest, from one breast to the other. The aura of a woman is in general 16 times more radiant than the aura of a man.

PRIMAL NATURE OF MALE AND FEMALE We all have a basic or elementary nature on which we impose our personality and other influences. To understand our core, ponder the sexual analogy of the male nature being like the sperm and the female like the ovum. The differences are instructive. THE SPERM-NATURE OF A MALE A sperm does not move in a straight line. It zig-zags. This zig-zag nature limits the male from being nailed down by time and space. The sperm knows the target but approaches it in an indirect way. When a man speaks, usually he begins by talking around the subject. rarely beginning with the real subject at hand. For instance, when a woman asks her husband what time he will return, he will say: “After work”. She wants to know what time he will be home. He will answer, “About five or five-thirty.” Then she’ll want to know exactly what time, 5.00 or 5.30. It is very difficult for a man to commit to time because it limits his possible defensive moves, which seems to weaken his power to direct any challenge and achieve victory. To the woman, defining time is just a plan, a communication, and it satisfies her need for security. FROM A BOY TO A MAN In former times the transformation of a boy to manhood was a conscious process which was guided by the elderly wise men of the com munity. The male was not suddenly a man when he turned 21 or when he slept with a woman. Often the transformation process included lifestyle and value education, individual counseling, special ceremonies and even physically challenging events. The transition to manhood is not so well defined today. One day the male is classified as a boy and the next day he is expected to be a man. Even when the boy becomes a man, a part of him always remains a boy. The boy is under the facade of the man, and this cannot be changed. Actually the boy part is necessary to balance the “one-pointed” power of the man. The real question is, “What is the base identity of the man?” Men define themselves through their egos. Women find it difficult to accept or understand that men define themselves in this way. Actually it is the challenge of the male incarnation to deal directly with the ego. It is important for a man’s ego that he calls himself a man. Even when a man feels that he is not being a “real” man, he will at least pretend that he is a man. The male’s quest for identity and the struggle to establish his ego has its root at birth.

MALE CONTROL A boy wants to control or be controlled. An immature boy will either want to show his power or want to be directed how to do everything. When the man is mature. he does not look for control over other people. and he does not want to be controlled by others. As a man , he accepts responsibil ity and can carry it well. MALE ACKNOWLEDGMENT During his developmental stage, a boy needs acknowledgment from others. He wants to be praised. A boy always compares himself with others and he blames others, when something goes wrong. He uses emotions to manipulate and get what he wants. He also thinks that everything will just be given to him with no effort because he exists. A mature man acknowledges himself. Acknowledgment from others can be helpful, though it is not a pressing need. A man knows what he knows and does what he has to do. When someone praises him, that is wonderful. When someone criticizes him, he evaluates his position. A man accepts responsibility for his actions as well as his mistakes. HANDLING FEMALE-MALE DIFFERENCES Study the nature of the male and female without judgment. Differences exist: they make life interesting and challenging. The male and female psyche each function in a very unique way which causes each to perceive feelings, experiences, words, and even life very differently. When the male and the female do not recognize each other’s unique gifts and challenges, misunderstandings and difficulties will occur. Together, we can balance our energies and assist each other to create a wholeness of harmony in our homes, community, and the world. THE POLARITY OF THE FEMALE A female swings between two polarities: the woman and the mother. (Let’s call it the nurturer.) When she is in the polarity of the woman, she is very direct. alert, and calculating. The shadow side of this can manifest as her being vindictive, without pity, and as sharp as a knife. In the polarity of the mother. she will forgive everything, she will serve and give endlessly. Even if a female is without children, she holds the mother aspect within her. When a female operates only from her woman aspect with minimum input from her mother energies, her reproductive organs are pressured. In extreme situations, she can develop cysts on her ovaries. On the other hand, if a female is totally focused on nurturing

others and denies her own needs, her reproductive organs can be negatively effected. and it can stress her glandular and nervous systems. It is essential that the female consciously uses both polarities within herself. and also creates harmony between both. During her life stages, she will call upon the strengths of these two polarities to help balance herself and her life. Sometimes the female swings more to the mother side, sometimes more to the woman side. But in the end, she decides from where to function depending on her situation, her intuition. and her negative. positive and neutral mind. THE POLARITY OF THE MALE A male is also confronted with two polarities: man and father. When he is in the polarity of the man. he is the “seeder” with no commitments. Give him his backpack, no responsibilities, and he is happy. The other polarity of the father wants a comfortable home, where he’s loved, and life is very cozy. A male also needs to find a harmony between these two polarities. Perhaps it may mean that the man participates in a sports activity once a week with his friends. Or perhaps he could have a room for himself where he can enjoy his hobbies and create his own environment. The father aspect wants to build and enjoy a comfortable home with the nurturing aspects of warm meals. sweet communication, and enduring fun. He dreams of this luxury. It is not always easy for men to speak about these two polarities within themselves. When a woman acknowledges and respects both his male and father needs, he is very grateful. A FEMALE HAS SIX “TRACKS” The female primal nature of the egg gives her a very flowing attitude. However. she also is challenged by the fact that her mind has six tracks. Nature has given her this gift so that she would be able to serve, nurture and care for her children. husband and home. This ability can backfire on her: she cannot turn off her nurturing nature. This aspect of a six-track mind has pros and cons. On the pro side. she can handle many things at once: talk on the phone.

cook pasta, chop vegetables for a sauce, feed the baby, watch another child do his homework, plus direct another child to set the table. What a production ! On the con side, this over extension can heavily tax her nervous system and eventually force her to close down her sensitivity. A MALE HAS ONE TRAC K Even though the male’s primal nature is zig-zag, his mind uniquely has only one “track.” He enjoys remaining on that one track. It is usually not difficult for him to concentrate on one thing. The aspect of the one track also has pros and cons. On the pro side, he can tune everything out and concentrate very deeply on the project at hand. This can be very useful in his work or profession and especially for his spiritual practices. The cons emerge when it is difficult for him to come out of “his world” and change gears to interact with the outer world. A WOMAN THINKS IN IDEAS, A MAN THINKS IN PROBLEMS Because a woman can think on many tracks, she is more capable of handling many ideas and thoughts at once. She can also integrate feelings, fantasies and elaborations. Some of her ideas are serious and others are fantasies. The man tends to select one thought after zigging and zagging, then leap into an action. Imagine a couple sitting together in the living room. The woman might say: “We should paint the living room this summer.” The woman is sorting her priorities verbally. She perceives the action as an idea. The man, on the other hand, would begin to calculate how to achieve the project, how to manifest the idea into a reality. For example: What weekend am I free? Where can I borrow a ladder? What color should we paint it? Could my brother help me? etc. The woman is communicating ideas or suggestions. The man perceives the idea as a “problem to be solved.” MISUNDERSTANDING Conflicts, which are caused by misunderstanding, can be eliminated by defining and clearly expressing one’s own framing, understanding the needs of the other person, and finally creating together the game-rules for discussion . For idea generating and planning, define the level of the discussion: I) necessary and essential, 2) review, slight possibility of action, 3) is only for an enjoyable fantasy, not for action. WOMAN S BIGGEST CHALLENGE A woman is automatically intuitive when she is relaxed. When she is centered within her own self, she is relaxed. When she is

fragmented from the pressures of her own multi-tracked mind or the outer world, she is not. Women can intuitively tune into the absolute Truth. However, when she does not consciously communicate at the proper time, with accurate words, in appropriate tone, the recipient cannot receive the communication. WHEN ASKED TO COM MENT from a yogic point of view about homosexual partnerships, Yogi Bhajan said, “These tendencies are controlled by the personal life of a human. In God ‘s kingdom, all who meditate on the Creator as creatures, can reach God. Those who do not, remain wandering.” -YOGI BHAJAN 1-30-2003 Relationships FALLING IN LOVE & THE PRANIC EXCHANGE A man and a woman meet each other and the atmosphere between them is very pleasant. They feel comfortable with each other. When a person is very aware, he or she will be able to evaluate the prana and “scent” for caliber, values, virtues and strength. This awareness between male and female is called pranic exchange. The yogis advise that this pranic exchange between the male and the female is not a small event. This pranic exchange creates an imprint in the psyche of each person . The imprint in the female can last years or an entire life; it can also act as a subconscious filter for future relationships. The imprint is less robust for the male. It usually lasts one cycle of the moon. The process of the pranic exchange is regulated by the female. The first stage is when passion is triggered by the female projection into the pituitary of the male. The second stage happens when the “male scent” is stimulated. The third stage is when the scent is evaluated by the female. Full reaction for the two of them depends on the chakra level projection of the female, not the male. As this exchange of pranic energy occurs, it stimulates a “rush” or a chemical reaction in the individuals which varies depending on the chakras which are activated. The feeling of “being in love” is fulfilling and enticing. However, people can be addicted to feeling this experience. They search for one relationship after another, to get the rush of “being in love.” They never move into the more mature stages of love. It is vital that a female be aware of her power and use it with responsibil ity and grace. If she acts from her insecurity, she creates disrespectful situations for herself and others.

BLINDNESS OF LOVE It takes a person of high caliber to be able to evaluate the “beloved” while one is ‘in love.” Love does make us blind, which has its pros and cons. The pros allow us to accept our beloved for what he or she is. The cons prevent us from being realistic about the character. the mental. financial and spiritual limitations. For generations. individuals would request the evaluation of family, friends and community before continuing into a binding relationship. When we truly accept someone. we honestly know their individual habits, patterns. and personality. However. we overlook their limits. We decide to see only the positive attributes of our beloved. COMMITMENT The real goal of a relationship is to deepen this love. With commitment, it evolves into a deeper love, built on a life together and living for each other. Love + Passion + Intimacy is based on a deep spiritual connection. understanding, and acceptance. This love grows with conscious effort by both partners. There is a clear distinction between passion. intimacy and love. They are independent modes of the relationship. Love + Intimacy = companion. true friends Love + Passion = romance, fantasy, idealization Passion + Intimacy = “being in love” Love + Passion + Intimacy = ecstasy of merger A MAN LOVES A WOMAN BECAUSE SHE INSPIRES HIM A man who really loves his wife wants her to develop herself. When a man doesn’t want his wife to develop her capacities, he only wants her to be there for him. Sometimes it is difficult for him to believe that a woman has low energy or even has selffocused needs since Mother is the unlimited provider. A man does not really love a woman because of sex. He does not love her because she is a good cook. And he does not love her because she is a good mother. He loves her because she can take him out of the mundane. He wants her to put him into a state of “being” or in a trance that can remove the conflict of his brain and bring him to relaxation. He loves her because she can take him to the experience of his expanded infinite self. This is the main foundation for a long-term love. A man knows that he is limited, and he feels attracted to a woman who can give him what he is missing. or help him to develop different aspects of himself. He feels attracted to a woman because she can take him to a different level and experience. remove the conflict of his brain, give him relaxation.

When a man really loves his wife. he will want her to develop herself and express her infinity, because then she can inspire him to realms beyond his own dreams. EXPECTATIONS IN A RELATIONSHIP A great cosmic irony: the woman wants her husband to give her security. The man wants his wife to give him support. The woman feels that she can only give her husband support if he gives her security. And the man is determined that he can only give his wife security if she gives him support. Both are waiting for the other one to begin the process. These programs have been ingrained in the subconscious mind of the male and female. However. in reality no man actually can give a woman total security. In her mind. there is no man who can actually fulfill all of her projections. A woman has to find her security within her own self and soul. And to complete this irony: There is no woman who can praise and support a man enough to completely heal his wounds plus manifest his “ideal woman.” There is no woman who can give a man as much support as he would like. He. too. has to find his security within his own self and soul. ONE SOUL IN TWO BODIES When a man and a woman are truly merged in a relationship, a new element emerges. The goal is to become two bodies and one soul. The man and the woman play different roles in the relationship. The woman plays the role of the subconscious. the constant spirit in the relationship. She holds the spirituality and depth. She carries the relationship through the storms and battles of time and space. When her conscious and subconscious minds are stable. a stability for the couple is created. The woman manifests the “We are.” When a woman feels: “We are positive. happy and in harmony”, then the relationship feels good. But as soon as she feels that something is wrong, nothing is right anymore. The man, on the other hand, manifests the projection: “Where are we going?” He manifests the movement. protection and the direction of the relationship and the family. A WOMAN REGULATES THE RELATIONSHIP A man never starts a relationship or ends it of his own accord. Both are regulated by the woman. Studies have shown that women initiate contact with men over 85 per cent of the time by non-verbal or verbal cues. The woman regulates the entire relationship. On the other hand. even her quiet doubting of the relationship can create unrest.

THE MAN AS THE ELECTRO-MAGNETIC FIELD OF THE FAMILY A mother protects her child, and the mother also needs protection. Protection is not only physical but also subtle. The man is called “the electromagnetic field of the family” in yogic teachings. When his electromagnetic field is strong, the woman will feel protected, and the child will feel secure. TALKING ABOUT NEEDS It is very important to talk about our needs in a relationship. The need of the female is to be clear and confident plus nurtured and nurturing. The need of the male is to be casual and challenged plus comfortable and cozy. There are three basic frequencies of relationships: I) live against each other, 2) live with each other, 3) live for each other. Each couple decides how they will relate. UNSPOKEN EXPECTATIONS Often discontentment arises out of unspoken expectations which could be easily accommodated. An example: A man comes home from work totally exhausted. At his parent’s house, when he said ” I’m exhausted! What a day!” he would be nurtured. Someone would bring him a cup of tea, talk to him, and console him. His programming expects nurturing from his wife in a similar way. However, his wife had a totally different experience in her parent’s home. When her father came home tense and tired, everyone would disappear because the father would raise his voice aggressively. Now in order to stay out of her husband’s way and maintain her own dignity, the wife would retire to another part of the house, as her mother did. Alone in the bedroom the husband feels that nobody cares or loves him. Nobody gives him a hug or offers him a cup of tea. He cannot understand why no one notices that he is in the bedroom alone! He cannot even relax because he knows the rest of the family is in the other part of the house having fun. Neither partner planned to confuse or hurt the other but each brought different life patterns to the relationship. Often misunderstandings and conflicts occur when we do not express ourselves. How is our partner able to understand and read our minds? Do not wait until there is a whole mountain of misunderstandings and then explode about twenty different things. Our partner may feel threatened, and start defending his or herself. Most likely a fight will begin. Perhaps our partner was not intentionally inconsiderate.

BEING AWARE OF OUR OWN NEEDS It is essential to be clear about our own needs. Do not wait for the other person to know what to do. Try asking, “What do I need?” When we ourselves know what we need, it is easier to communicate it. When we do not know what we need or how to communicate it, how can the other person know our need? Communicate clearly and exactly, “Could you please massage my feet or shoulders?” or “Could you please bring me a cup of tea?” The statement, “You never do anything for me when I’m feeling tense,” will not inspire anyone to help. It is not a direct request, it is an accusation. Even when we say, “I need your support,” it is not clear what that means. When and what kind of support is needed? When we tell someone that we need support, they will probably answer: “You have my support.” Fights commonly begin at this point. MARRIAGE Every marriage has three: me, we, thee. The third partner is thee that is found in each person and to which each person is elevated. So when there is a tie vote, the thee is the principle resolution. In a spiritual wedding, one receives support on the physical, mental and spiritual realms from one’s community. There can be hard times ahead, and it is wonderful to have support and inspiration from others. It is a challenge to go through life’s demands alone. Yogi Bhajan says that marriage is the hardest yoga of all, because you really have to relax, keep up, let go and breathe! NEUTRAL SPACE IN A RELATIONSHIP Conflict in a relationship can be an opportunity for growth if both people are open and willing to communicate honestly and with respect. We can quarrel about many things, but the sacred space needs to be held and respected. The we is the essential sacred element and is the starting place or origin of any relationship. Occasionally the we needs to be redefined. The we needs to be always held sacred and not abused or ignored. In the sacred space we would say: ” We are having a very rough time in our relationship, however, there are still certain things we will never say to each other.” Words can hurt, and an unkind word can be sharper than a knife. The keys to keeping the sacred space open are to: I) remember the larger picture or destiny; 2) do not assume anything, no matter how things appear. For example, he acts unkindly. You say, “I know that you are always kind in efforts and intention. Help me understand what you were feeling or thinking because it did

not feel kind to me.” In Humanology one of the real ity bridges we use is: “The Infinite is known to you.” So no matter how well I may know someone, there is an unknown to be seen and respected. THE MOON POINTS The moon is the “emotional flow of energy, hormones and imagination.” The energy of the moon is interactive within the microand macro-cosmos, our body and universe. We recognize how lunar cycles interact with Mother Earth: ocean tides, plant and hair growth, animal rhythms, and a woman’s hormonal cycle. Lunar energies also influence our emotional equilibrium. Moon points are physical areas located on the human body, sensitive to lunar energies. A male has one moon point: at the chin. Hair grows on his moon point, absorbs solar energy, thus neutralizing the lunar effect. By nature, a male is primarily influenced by the solar energy. A woman has eleven moon points which affect her emotional state. (Kirtan Kriya done while lying on the stomach, can balance these moon points.) MEDITATIONS FOR WOMEN Some important 40 to 90 day meditations for women are: Grace of God Meditation Meditation on the Divine Mother, Adi Shakti Kirtan Kriya (Sa Ta Na Ma) (See the Meditation section.) MALE RELATIONSHIPS WITH WOMEN Besides building his own identity, another challenge to men is the establishment of relationships with women. A male needs to confront his vision of the “perfect woman” which he formed during his childhood, and he needs to create a realistic relationship with the polarity of the female. A man exercises his ability to handle conflicts in the world through his capacity to deal with conflicts in his relationships. When a male says: “I take this woman. I make this promise to take on the marriage responsibilities and commitments,” he gives his word and organizes his activities to fulfill his promise. This commitment matures a man and helps him to grow from a boy to a man. The difference between a boy and a man is that a boy is dependent on his relationship to others; identity comes from the outside. The man is independent which means, “I know who I am, I define myself in my relationship to the universe and to God.”

MALE OPEN COMMUNICATION Many men have had few positive male role models. It is not easy for them to speak with other men about their own selves, their challenges and their growth. However, it is essential that men develop honest male relationships where they can speak about themselves and express doubts, dreams, and sensitivity. Yogi Bhajan recommends that this is a man’s affair. He says it is dangerous for a man to discuss these “deep soul-searching, insecure” topics with women. especially his own woman. When a man enters into this kind of discussion with his woman, she will either move into the role of the mother, or it will make her insecure. A woman is willing to comfort her man, take him into her arms in a motherly way, occasionally. It has to remain an exception. It is not dishonest. It is a conscious protection of one’s territory. THE SPIRITUAL MAN A man who desires to develop his own potential, works on his arcline. The arcline reflects the interaction of the subtle body and the pranic body, hence the alignment of the life force and the destiny. When the arcline is strong, a man experiences that his identity is in harmony with the universe. He is highly intuitive and he attracts opportunities which he can successfully develop. He can absorb the challenges of daily life and the intense pressures of his work or profession while maintaining his higher consciousness. When the arc line is weak, a male identifies that his ego is his identity. Often he is defensive, controlling and unsure of himself. The arc line is his universal defense or security system. Because the arcline has a direct connection with the positive, negative, and neutral minds, all meditation which expands the radiance of the arcline should be practiced. Meditations and yoga positions which activate the pituitary, balance the hemispheres of the brain or strengthen the nervous system are also beneficial. All Wahe Guru meditations will strengthen the arcline and the pituitary relationship. Archer Pose, which builds the nervous system, improves endurance and projection, is also recommended for the arcl ine. THE BASE OF A SEXUAL RELATIONSHIP Yogi Bhajan teaches, “Sex is everything. Sex is nothing.” When a couple wants to have a good sexual relationship, a good day-to-day relationship with effective, clear communication is essential. The heart-to-heart basics cannot be missing. Sex cannot solve problems or create trust or replace open communication. Sex does not just happen in bed. It starts in the day-to-day

life: how we are, how we speak, how we hear, and how we live for each other. Sex is the greatest treat which we can share. A woman has to trust and feel that the relationship is secure in order to thoroughly relax. In her subconscious are the questions: “Will this man stay with me? Will he support the family if I get pregnant?” She needs even more trust, if she already has a child and has experienced pregnancy and birth. A woman must be sure that this man is there for her and her family. She also tests him to find out if he will be able to maintain the male one-pointedness when she swings into her fluctuating female moon-energy. Kundalini Yoga, a yoga discipline of the householder, supports the transformation of sexual energy so the body may be adequately regenerated. When sexual energy is abused, the nervous system is weakened, and the body’s aging process is accelerated. TUNING IN FOR 72 HOURS Because a woman functions on a multitude of tracks, she may find it difficult to relax during sex. She may have to turn off her “nurturing-mother program” before she can feel the subtleties of sensuality. As the sperm swims around the ovum eight times before penetrating, it is a male’s innate nature “to court” when he wants to engage in a relationship with a woman. Yogis say that a woman needs 72 hours to tune into sex. Some women might not need that long, but a man should realize that his woman might need these 72 hours to be courted. The “mind” is the biggest sexual organ. It stimulates the body by using fantasy, projection, and remembrance. A woman needs to be tuned into her sensitive feelings before intercourse so that she can be fully present with her whole being and be open to her man when she is making love. She needs time to change her mental and emotional gears. In this courting phase, a man needs to focus more energy into the relationship. He could take her out to dinner or take care of the baby while offering her the chance to take a relaxing bath. Share more quality time together: go for walks, listen to music together, practice Venus Kriyas, and just take the time to talk from the heart. That does not mean that he should make a fuss over her. He can support her so that she can relax and allow her sexual energies to move her consciousness. A conscious man knows that a relaxed woman is more creative, happier, and more receptive. Occasionally she is in conflict. A clever man will be able to recognize these conflicts in a woman

THE AURIC IMPRINT The positive aspect of the auric imprint is that it helps to strengthen the energetic bond between the couple. The female carries the subtle essence of the male her whole life. Nature arranged this so that when she becomes pregnant and her partner is absent, the woman would have a feeling of him, a sensation of his energy to share with the child. She carries his memory as an imprint on the arcline in her aura. There is a disadvantage to this situation. When a woman has slept with many men, her aura has been imprinted by different energies. She carries this information with her. Try to look at this situation without a value judgment of good or bad. It does influence a woman. These imprints can impact her aura which in turn can inhibit her search to connect with her own identity. These imprints disturb her projection as an individual. To weaken the influence of the male’s auric imprint, a woman can practice certain meditations such as Kirtan Kriya consistently for 90 days, one hour a day, and Sodarshan Chakra Kriya. (See Meditation section.) The interaction of the auras and the energy imprint are very influential. Therefore. it is not recommended to continuously change sexual partners. Sexual activity is recommended for people who have made a sol id commitment to each other, and are willing and capable of carrying any possible consequences of their sexual exchange. In the yogic lifestyle, it it is recommended that marriage be a requirement before the sexual relationship. DIVORCE Many marriages are dis.solved when partners are between the ages of 36 and 45. Marriage seems a bore, and the partners want to look to new values or new directions. Yogi Bhajan teaches that actually no one looks to new values, and there is no such thing as boredom. There is something else which is confronting the individuals. This is their own subconscious minds. Marriage is an institution which cannot get boring, because it is a continuous hassle against Time and Space. Now the relationship needs more sacrifice, more cohesiveness and more understanding. This period of life is known as the renewal of values. And, if in renewing values we establish different values but do not discard our basic object-that we are married to keep things going-then divorce will hardly be possible. COPYRIGHT YOGI BHAJAN

Death JIWAN MUKT The goal is to be liberated while alive and not wait until death. This is the path of jiwan mukt. jiwan means life. Mukt means liberated. jiwan mukt is a way of living. One is not waiting for death or calling death to liberate oneself. One is also not doing specific things to achieve specific points to be tallied after death. Rather, one is living with the deep-seated understanding of the Reality of life and death, the soul, and one’s purpose. DEATH The Earth is like a hotel; it is not our true home. We are here for a visit. When we die, we take two of our ten bodies with us, the soul and the subtle body. At the time of death, the first thing that leaves is the Pranic Body. THE MENTAL BODY AT DEATH After the pranic body collapses, we have three seconds to review our life-video with our Negative Mind, Positive Mind, and Neutral Mind. In these three seconds you are confronted with three challenges: I. Why did you come to Earth, and why did you have this particular life? 2. What did you do here? You watch your entire life. 3. Did you fulfill your purpose-why you came to Earth? You decide or judge your own self. During those three seconds, the life-video is reviewed by your own mind . It is not possible to avoid the answers. be clever or lie. You can only answer with the truth when you judge your own life. PRAN SUTRA It is vital when we are confronted in those three seconds. that our mind connects with the majesty of the Undying Self. and the Reality of existence. Yogi Bhajan says this can be done with a pran sutra. a mantra that gives us this experience. When we can keep such a mantra in the mind during these three seconds, the connection with the Neutral Mind will be constant, and we will not react. We will not condemn ourselves, even when we “experience” the weaknesses or errors of our own life.

Yogi Bhajan says that every individual has an individual pran sutra. Yet certain mantras can be “master keys.” One such mantra is: Naanak too(n) lehnaa too(n) hai. gur amar too(n) veechaariaa Dhan dhan ram das gur, jin sirriaa tinai savaariaa (from the Sawayas in praise of Guru Ram Das. Siri Guru Granth Sahib. p.968) You are Nanak. Guru Angad, and Guru Amar Das. Honored and praised is Ram Das the Guru. The One who created you. has embellished and adorned you! CROSSING THE ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELD After these three seconds the soul enters into the subtle body. The subtle body and the soul leave as a unit, experiencing a travel through a spiral. This usually happens 3 to 4 days after death. After one moves through the spiral, one is confronted with the test of crossing the electro-magnetic field of the Earth during the next 13 to 17 days. There are two choices: I) stay in the electromagnetic field of the Earth, 2) cross over the electromagnetic field of the Earth and enter the blue ethers. Many souls are not able to cross because they are afraid to leave, or they are very attached to the Earth. THE MANTRA AKAL Yogi Bhajan instructs that chanting Aka/ for 3- 17 days for the soul who has physically died assists them to cross over the electromagnetic field. Chant Aka/ several times. Eleven minutes is recommended. Optimum is at least 5 people chanting Aka/ for 31 minutes a day for 17 days starting at the day of death. Aka/ means “that which never dies.” With this mantra, we encourage the soul, “You did not die. Continue and go on. I let you go.” This can encourage the soul to go to it’s True Home and to the next lesson. BLUE ETHERS The yogis say that there are five blue ethers. The first blue ether is the first stage that we experience after we cross over the electromagnetic field of planet Earth. Here we are usually accompanied by a guide. In this dimension, all the information of the universe is kept, including the life histories of all beings. It is called the Akashic Records or Cosmic Library. When we pass through the first blue ether, we leave our subtle body with the Akashic Records. The subtle body, the capsule which carries our experiences, will be downloaded onto our “cosmic” file.

Exactly what lessons we will receive in the second and third ethers are decided by what happened during the three-second test of the mind. In the second blue ether we learn to perceive harmony of the Self. We receive lessons, usually from other more evolved beings. In the third blue ether we learn how to maintain the lessons throughout the test of Time and Space. We have learned the lesson in the second blue ether and now we need to be constant in its practice and perhaps even teach it to others. SUICIDE Usually the Pranic Body leaves the physical body because prana has been used up. However when someone commits suicide, the sequence in which the Ten Bodies leave gets altered. The person has decided himself, to cut the flow of his pranic body. Then the soul usually hangs around in the electromagnetic field of the Earth, unable to cross into the blue ethers. Even when life is incredibly challenging, there is always support available, though things seem very dark and lonely. There is no escape through suicide; one still has to return to continue the process. Actually, the situation becomes more complicated, because when one finally reincarnates, all the original patterns need to be faced plus the additional challenges. DEATH IN ACCIDENTS When someone dies instantaneously in an accidental death, that soul may incarnate immediately into another body without going to the blue ether. • 240 • KRI INTERNATIONAL TEACHER TRAINING MANUAL LEVEL

Prosperity Resources to Fulfill your Destiny “A prosperous person has certain characteristics. For that person richness itself is not the basic aim. It happens anyway. A prosperous person does not gather wealth but the wealth of wealths. No matter what the circumstance. a prosperous person creates. delivers. and fulfills. They act with a constant equilibrium through all pressures and all shortcomings. That person will not barter the values of their character or identity for any temporary benefit. They always remember the presence and possibilities of the Infinite within each person. They cultivate endurance. dedication. and awareness. To such a person. prosperity is as natural as the breath, as unlimited as the mind and as immediate as this moment. ” – YOGI BHAJAN PROSPERITY IS ALL AROUND US AND WITHIN US. It is the ability to find, organize, and use the resources we need to fulfill our highest destiny and identity. Most people take one of three attitudes: scarcity, abundance, or prosperity. Scarcity is the attitude of the Negative Mind: “There is not enough,” “How will it hurt me?” “What will I lose?” People ruled by scarcity thinking are averse to risk-taking, live with a fear of loss, or become hyper-vigilant about

Abundance is the province of the Positive Mind. People ruled by abundance-thinking believe they can do almost anything with enough effort, intelligence, or luck. They take risks. They are optimists against all evidence. They often accumulate possessions, money, or accomplishments. But there is also a risk of absorption in the things they create, so they may lose their sense of purpose, after a time. Acquisition itself becomes a purpose until a certain emptiness questions the many successes they are focused on. Prosperity is the special gift of the Neutral Mind. People who rule with the Neutral Mind use the sum of both the Negative and Positive Minds, then divide the total input by the Neutral Mind. They take the down sides and the up sides and calculate how to use them based on their real purpose, identity, meaning, or destiny. The Neutral Mind uses intuition and keeps a sense of meaning and purpose at the center of one’s life efforts. The result is a sensitivity to what to do next, what not to do, and who to connect with in order to let inner destiny blossom. Prosperity is not about wealth or poverty. It is about fulfillment of your destiny. It is about clarity amidst distractions and diversions. It is about relationships that are mutually satisfying. It is a gift that comes with every soul. We already have prosperity as the Heavens have the Sun. If we turn toward the light we will be warmed and filled with energy. If we know the art to sense the whispers of our inner direction we can ask the world for what we need with confidence and complete success!

Communication The purpose of all communication is to uplift. Yogi Bhajan identifies a style of communication called: “Poke. Provoke. Confront. Elevate.” (Don’t forget the last step!) Poke: Bring your heart-mind to focus on the person. Ask probing questions to investigate. Provoke: Stir what you have found by circumstance and the results of the poking. Ask questions that incite a deeper response about what is the depth of the situation. Understand and map it out. Confront: Take charge of the chakra and aura. Speak directly without letting the person slip from the focus. Challenge directly the habit, not the person. Elevate: Uplift the person by raising the energy, projecting your radiance, and commanding the higher centers. Transformation is based on inspiration and support, and the giving of hope. Awareness of your own chakras and the style of communication that is associated with each can be very helpful in effective communication. (See the Yogic Anatomy chapter.)

TEACHINGS OF THE MASTER FROM A LECTURE BY YOGI BHAJAN Harmonious Communication A student asked Yogi B hajan about harmonious communication. STUDENT: Sir, are there rules for harmonious communication that are universal and get one beyond the rational m ind? YOGI B HAJAN: H ere are the rules of communication to memorize: Rule One You are communicating for a better tomorrow, not to spoil today. Rule Two Whatever you are going to say is going to live forever. And you have to live through it. Therefore, take care you don’t have to live through the mud of your own communication. Rule Three One wrong word said can do much more wrong than you can even imagine or even estimate. Rule Four Words spoken are a chance for communication. Don’t turn them into a war. Rule Five When you communicate, you have to communicate again. Don’t make the road rough. These are the rules. Harmonious communication is the base of all that you need on this planet and hereafter. Even if you praise God in an unharmonious way, not only will your friends hate you, but the angels will not come to your rescue. Therefore, if you ever find you have this defect there are ways to correct it: I) I have learned that the best way to improve your communication is to stand before a mirror and talk to your image. Then you respond back on behalf of the image as if it were a separate personality. 2) The other way is to have a tape recorder with you, and record everything you say during the day. (Be sure to get permission from any others you are talking to!) In the evening, sit down and listen to that tape. Then just understand how offensive, neurotic and inhuman you are. Listen to it very loud. Create a harmonious communication out of your own tape. It’s called “hypnotic commication of self-correction.”

Ten Sacrea Secrets to Success I. LEARNING IS NOT A WEAKNESS. Time and space and breath of life are the living triangle of life. Every process is a moment; every moment is a process. Learning is to gain wisdom-it gives a grip on our discipline, and discipline becomes the Master, Master creates the legacy; legacy lives forever: the mortal becomes immortal. 0 Yogi, life is a living chance forever. 2. IF SOMEBODY IS AVOIDING REACHING YOU, YOU REACH OUT (KNOWING IS THE KNOWLEDGE.) If the head has gone cold, heart has gone frozen. If hatred in somebody has eaten up the heart of life: if there is no warmth coming to you but still the body is vibrating and the breath of life is keeping it warm, reach out and melt away all the coldness through your humor and boldness. so that the flower of friendship can blossom and you can enjoy the fragrance. 0 Yogi, that is knowingness. 3. BE THE ALTAR NOT THE ALTERNATIVE. Between time and space there is a place which is the altar of human legacy. Each individual must identify this altar and worship it. It will give personality, purpose, and prosperity. Any alternative to this is to lose the gratefulness. the grace, and the glow of life. 0 Yogi, this is the sacred secret of prosperity. 4. LET YOUR MANNERS SPEAK FOR YOU, LET YOUR DEEDS PROVE YOU, AND LET YOUR DELIVERANCE IMPRESS YOU. Every man has a mission: every mission has a magnitude. To fulfill and deliver the essence of magnitude, one requires manners and attitude. When one does it with devotion and conviction, success comes from all sides. 0 Yogi, that is the sacred secret of success. S. WORK NEVER WAITS. THOSE WHO WAIT, HAVE NOT YET STARTED. Nobody can stop Time. Time creates space. We move between longitude and latitude. It is the attitude which works out and completes every work for us. 0 Yogi, this is the sacred secret of deliverance. 6. EXCUSES, AVOIDANCE, DELAYS WILL NOT STOP THE CONSEQUENCES. Every sequence will have consequences; every action will have reaction; every start will have finish; every beginning will have COPYRIGHT YOGI BHAJAN 2003 TEACHINGS OF THE MASTER FROM A LEcruRE BY YOGI BH/VAN end. Our insecurity delays our achievement: our excuses show our weakness. and delay lays the foundation of frustration. The Perfect One God Almighty made us perfect to face every challenge and be a victor. As every artist wants to see his art at its best, so our divinity wants us to conquer our duality. 0 Yogi, this is the sacred secret of victory. 7. PROS AND CONS: CHECK PROPERLY. IT WILL SAVE YOU FROM CON GAMES. Play no games; get straight to the strategy and establish the state and status with your statesmanship. Reach out to everyone with a diplomatic art and loving communication. 0 Yogi, this is the sacred secret of winning friends. 8. BE A STATESMAN AND A DIPLOMAT. If you have a longing to belong, love and reverence are your handy tools to build leadership to sail through the stormy ocean, to enter the port of peace and tranquility. 0 Yogi, this is the sacred secret of leadership. 9. YOUR INDMDUALITY, YOUR ATTIRE, AND YOUR ATTITUDE – ALL COUNT ABOVE ALL. You must have vitality to create virtues; you must have values to honor virtues; your honorable performance will give people trust; your reverence and love will give people belief in you, and your honesty and character will give people faith in you. 0 Yogi, this is the sacred secret in creating lasting memory of self or memorial in the heart of others. I 0. ACT THREE WAYS: ACTION, SUPPORT, COVER. MUST INCLUDE SAFE PLACE FOR RETREAT. Every action has reaction equal and opposite; what comes, goes: what is born must die. But the wisdom is to create a legacy which is perpetual, everlasting, and a guidance for all. Every action force in strategy must have a cover force, a support force. and a place of retreat to take care of the casualties. With that planning one can reach his fulfillment. 0 Yogi, that is the sacred secret of joy and happiness in life. Blessed is Guru Nanak, the great source of wisdom. Blessed is Guru Gobind Singh. the great example of courage. Blessed is Guru Ram Das. the great Lord of miracles. And blessed is the Khalsa Panth. the great avenue of purity. piety. and power. Blessed are all. 0 yogi, who follow this path of wisdom.