Wednesday , 15 February 2017
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We as a human being with different nature,colour,perception,finger prints, body structure etc. are having some believe in another world where there is evey thing so beautiful and pure and true and systematic, and the leader there is the creator of this world.

We have divided our creator into various parts which are called religions.If we roughly estimate about the numbers of religions that we all human being follow is approximately 4200.
Yes my dear friends its about 4200 religions on the earth. And you know what almost 99.2% population follow religion.
This is only a rough estimate of following religion.
Although we know that some of the religion following or religious teaching that we pass to successor generation is wrong and useless but we still do so.No god ever told us to follow any religion,thay just told is that we just follow humanity.

What is Democracy?

I understand democracy as something that gives the weak the same chance as the strong…..

To safeguard democracy, people must have a keen sense of independence, self-respect and their oneness.

M K Gandhi

What I think is instead of following these religion why not we go for “HUMANITY”. Why not we make a religion that is for the welfare of human being. If we include such a religion where there is only moral value about how to be a human being and how to treat others with respect and care is taught then the life on the earth will be like a garden with lots of greenary and colourful flowers.

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