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The Power of Memories



We all have a sense of memory of what happened to us in the past or
beyond the past, and sometimes we have a memory of what has happened,
but not in this time and space. It is called Ankaray Karm. Memory is very
important. To remember we are human is very important, but we mostly
forget. Our anger, negativity and the way we live on this earth are based on
something we remember or are made to remember.
1We are having such a big war now.
Many children of the refugees were
educated to be reminded that
everyone in the world is an infidel
and they are to take vengeance.
Today they are being taught that
there are no longer Twin Towers in
New York and no Pentagon. It
proves that the mind of a person
can be trained to be destructive
and, also, that the mind of a person
can be very, very constructive. This
is how you feel.
There are two types of people—
those who blame and complain,
and those who appreciate and are
grateful. We are waking up. We are
asking ourselves how we can be
prosperous and achieve prosperity. The only way is to be fearless and enjoy
our life—to walk again, take care of the lawns and gardens and be normal.
But that is not very practical or possible right now. It is difficult because
there is a memory and a fear. Think of the majority of people who have no
discipline, no meditation, no sadhana.
You have a life to live. The power to live life is in your prayer, positively.
Whenever difficulties come and you fail or fall apart, you can relate to
prayer. The law of the Infinite God within you is a very positive sign. It is
something that you are. But there are memories—very positive and very
painful memories.

One day I met a girl who used to be in 3HO and in the Dharma—a leadertype.
I saw her and said, “Who are you?” Her whole identity has changed.
Her life has been changed. She was in pain and she was sorry. All I said was,
“There is nothing to be sorry. Rebound yourself!” She said, “Master, it is
very difficult!” “Everything is very difficult. Still, give yourself a chance.
Break through! If you realize your mistake and come home, you have not
lost.” And I laughed and said, “Even the police wait twenty-four hours
before writing a report!”
That is the life. And that is the power of our memories. If we have good
memories, let it be that during the day we have a memory of our sadhana,
and during the night we have a memory of our prayer. The next morning we
have the memory of another beautiful day.
Our life can be difficult. Let us remember, and remember that we are in the
state of heavens and shining and beautiful, and our every part of our being
is cleansed.
3Guided Meditation with the
Master, Remember the Saint
Part I – 19 Minutes
Sit straight in a cross-legged position.
Eyes are closed.
“Our ego has left us and we are
enduring in a state of prayer.
We are smiling, we are in a
meditative mood, our eyes are
closed and we are looking within
ourselves. Deep down we find
our self. Our nature and culture is
powerful, prayerful, grateful. Let
us meditate on these lines.
Humble our self before our
Creator, feel nearness and union and allow our self a gift of a deep breath.
And let us concentrate on this breath. Let us let it go and take it back in,
deep in our being, so it can touch us. Let us call upon our self, body, mind
and spirit. Let us surrender our self to Almighty and let us be grateful for the
Let us transform ourselves to unique human beings, now, right this minute.
Let us know that we know. Let us see that we see, in our inner being. And
not use our open eyes with insecurity, but our inner eye with deep security.

Let us keep breathing deep and deep, and, leaving the deep breath deeply,
let us create a cycle. Unending cycle.
Let there be union between us and infinity. Let, for a moment, forget who
we are, what we are doing, except we may ride on the wave of our own
Let us learn to guide ourselves against all odds and evens, from a neutral
point of view. I am, I am. Let us charge ourselves with the surcharge of
energy, flood ourselves with purity, pursue our self in beauty. Let us touch
the Light.
Let us give our self this day and maintain our self higher than our self as we
Let us understand in our depth of mind that we were born in the womb
through the sperms of our parents, to add beauty and bounty to our life of
karma. And now we have debt to
pay and we have to be positive,
affirmative, serviceful, compassionate,6
kind. And we must reach out.
We know many things in our life,
but this moment we want to know
our life, our life within our self, so
that we can sit as yogis, meditate
and get going, better than anybody.
How young we are, we are. We
have a long life to live. Breathe in
deeply, continuously, and breathe
out. Don’t let the control of the
breath go away.
Imagine a saint, and be a saint. Let
us achieve something. Let us reach
Let us feel in us.This power of meditation, where you guide yourself, is the
most affirmative, positive and fruitful. Ride the waves of the breath and feel
the nearness of the God who gave you the Breath of Life. Reach out, inside
of you, all what is there.
In your heart center, may the Guru sit and preside over you as Deity. May
you understand shuniya, and start from zero and try to reach Infinity.
Breathe powerfully and forcefully. Inhale and exhale. Forget all memory of the past and only remember you have a saint within, being provided by the
Guru and guided by God.
In this affirmation you can totally cleanse yourself and purify yourself. Be proud
of the fact that once in awhile you get a chance to do it. It is not this evening
and this day only. It should be your life, to recharge yourself.
Part II – 3 Minutes
Now consciously do Breath of Fire.
Move the navel so that all of the
organs—liver, kidney, pancreas…
may be recharged. Lungs will give
double function. You will get the
right effect. Do it sincerely.
Remember Breath of Life has a lot7
of power.
To End
Inhale deeply, hold the precious
breath and pray for peace and for all
those who gave their life,
peacefully. Exhale. Inhale deeply.
Pray for peace of yourself and
thank God we are together under
one roof in love, tranquility and
peace. Breathe out. Breathe in
deeply and do the prayer that God give your shoulders the power to carry
the weight of karma, dharma and this universe. Let it go.”
May the long-time sun shine upon you, all love
surround you, and the pure light within you guide
your way on.
“May you be blessed by the virtue of the Lord and may God within you rule
your destiny and bring you peace and tranquility. May you make it a daily
prayer and ask yourself for positive blessings, and share those blessings for