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Exercise 2. Then, place the arms out from the sides, parallel to the ground, with the palms facing up (2a). Inhale for 6 counts rising up straight from the knees. Hold this position (2b) and the breath for 12 counts. Slowly exhale, taking 6 counts to lower yourself back down on to the heels. Repeat this cycle 7 times, on the 8th time clap the hands over the head.
Exercise 1. Sit gracefully in Celibate Pose for 2 minutes, hands are relaxed on thighs. Breath is normal (1).
Exercise 3. Lie on the back with
th~ hands at the sides, raise the legs 1 1/2 feet off the ground. Begin a bicycling motion (3). The legs stay parallel to the ground. This exercise must always follow the preceeding one (1). Continue for 2 1/2 minutes.
Exercise 4. Immediately inhale and lift the legs to 900 (4). Hold for 30 seconds, slowly exhale and lower the legs.

10Exercise 5. Still on the back, lift the legs p inches and do Breath of Fire for one minute (5). Inhale, hold, then relax.
Exercise 6. Now lie on the stomach. Place the hands in Venus Lock at the small of back. Inhale powerfully and arch the spine up from the waist. Have the eyes closed. Hold this position for 30 seconds. Then exhale powerfully as you open the eyes and lower the torso. Repeat this cycle 10 times (6).
Exercise 7. Lie on the back with the arms straight up (90 0 ), palms facing in (7a). Do Breath of Fire for 1 minute. Inhale. With a great deal of tension in the hands, arms, and chest, clench the teeth, make the hands into fists (7b) and slowly pull the energy and the fists down to the chest (7c). Exhale. Inhale raising the arms and repeat the above action one more time.
Exercise 8. Relax. Move the mind to the navel point and listen to the heartbeat there. 7



This Kriya is delicate and subtle in its many effects. In the Journal of Science and Consciousness #10, page 35, the importance of mixing the energies of prana and apana is empha­ sized. When they are properly mixed, the power of the Kundalini can be released. This set is carefully designed to mix prana and apana at the navel point.
Exercises 1, 2, and 3 stimulate the sexual, eliminative and navel energies and complete the initial mixing of prana and apana at the navel point.
Exercises 4, 5, and 6 emphasize the higher chakras and the pranic force at the eyes and heart. When you rise up in Exercise 5 be sure to close the eyes! If you perfect this Kriya but keep the eyes open it can imbalance the energy and cause temporary “dizziness” as you rebalance. Exercise 6 will allow the expan­ sive heart to dominate in your attitudes. It will eliminate a lot of pent-up anger that hides in the form of deep muscle tension.
When you listen to the heartbeat in Exercise 7, feel like you are at home. You are resting at the center of yourself. The heart rhythm is powered by the cosmic creative sound of “ONG, ONG, ONG, … ” This will levitate you and give you mental relaxation and sensitivity.