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Ardha Navasana Step 2

Ardha Navāsana

About Yoga Aasan    Benefits      Media Gallery  Useful Links  Step 2 Now, keeping your back straight, slowly lift up your sternum and allow your body to lean back.Now, carefully lift up your feet to the height of your knee. Keep your calf uscles parallel to the floor and let the thighs remain perpendicular to the knee.The arms should ... Read More »

Dos Nivaran Pooja


Pitra Dosh is one of the most misinterpreted concepts of Vedic astrology; as many astrologers describe it as the curse of ancestors and accordingly they suggest remedies to pacify and please the ancestors, so that such ancestors may take back their curse. For this reason, these astrologers recommend their clients to get Pitra Dosh nivaran pooja performed at places like ... Read More »