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Publication of Anandmurti


Life    Achivments    Work    Media  Anandmurti Gurumaa offers an experience beyond words, helping us find inner peace, joy, contentment as we focus on essential life skills during troubled times with anger management and freedom from addictions. Gurumaa helps us to find solace and comfort within ourslves through spirituality. Read More »

राजा की तीन सीखें

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बहुत समय पहले की बात है , सुदूर दक्षिण में किसी प्रतापी राजा का राज्य था . राजा के तीन पुत्र थे, एक दिन राजा के मन में आया कि पुत्रों को को कुछ ऐसी शिक्षा दी जाये कि समय आने पर वो राज-काज सम्भाल सकें. इसी विचार के साथ राजा ने सभी पुत्रों को दरबार में बुलाया और बोला , ... Read More »



The basic purpose of life is just to be human and to deal with life as a human being. Don’t become so bitter that somebody will throw you away or so sweet that someone can eat you up. -YOGI BHAJAN This chapter incluaes … What is Humanology? The Cycles of Life (The Three Rings of Success) The Cycles of Life ... Read More »

Spiritual Development


I’d like to paint before you a picture of spiritual Infinity. A person feels pressure from this world and starts running towards spirit. Someone uses himself to introduce you to the path. Then when you come to the path, it is not the person, but it is the discipline which is passed on to you. It is called Saram Pad-when ... Read More »

Yogic AnatomyThe Chakras


Men of great knowledge actually found out about the chakras-their workings, their petals, their sounds, their infinity, their co-relationship, their powers. They found that the life of a human is totally based on these chakras. They developed into a whole science. This total science gave birth to Kundalini Yoga. That is how Kundalini Yoga was born. · YOGI BHA]AN This ... Read More »

A Brief History of Yoga Er PataflialiJs Sutras


The ashrams and Gurus of ancient India used to be mental workshops. They taught and molded the minds of people to be clear, strong, and to act righteously under all possible circumstances. If all the spiritual teachers started to teach faith in the Self and stopped teaching faith in a personality, this world would be heaven. This existence with its ... Read More »

Varieties of Yoga


just as all rivers end up in the ocean, all yoga ends up raising the kundalini. What is the kundalini? It is the creative potential of the human being. This chapter includes . . . The Varieties of Yoga Yogi Bhajan on Kundalini Yoga & Hatha Yoga What is Raj Yoga and What Does it Have to do with Kundalini ... Read More »

The Art of the Gong


This area can be played upward or downward to full effect. But the sun area must never be struck in the center. Instead hit the sun area just inside the boundary of its zone. Start to play from the edges of the sun. Playing point 6 will induce earthiness. Playing point 12 will create a sense of loftiness. Playing the ... Read More »