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Bakasana Step 3

About Yoga Aasan   Benefits   Media Gallery  Useful Links  Step 3 Finally to return to the original position, slowly bring the feet down on the ground and go back into a Tadasana posture. Hindi to Read अंत में, मूल स्थिति में लौटने के लिए धीरे-धीरे पैर जमीन पर नीचे लाने के लिए और एक Tadasana मुद्रा में वापस चले जाते हैं। ... Read More »

Ardha Ustrasana Step 3

About Yoga Aasan    Benefits      Media Gallery  Useful Links  Step 3 Take 3-6 breaths each time holding the breath for up to 30 seconds. Slowly, bring your both hands back to the sacrum, inhale up and let the head and back come vertical still standing on your knees. Release hips, waist and chest muscles and sit back on ... Read More »

Exercise Set for Balancing Head and Heart

1) Sit in Easy Pose , arms straight out to the sides from the shoulders with the hands bent up at the wrists at a 90 ° angle , palms facing out and fingers together. The movement is in 4 parts , starting with the beginning posi ­ tion (A) . On count 2 rotate the hands at the wrists ... Read More »

Exercise Set for Intuition and Communication

1) Sit in Crow Pose , a crouching position with the soles of the feet flat on the floor . Your palms are about 6 inches apart in front of the heart center. With a n 8 count rhythm , approximately 1 count per second , move as follows : 1 . Extend the right arm straight out to the ... Read More »

बीत गये दिन

बीत गये दिन भजन बिना रे। भजन बिना रे भजन बिना रे॥ बाल अवस्था खेल गवांयो। जब यौवन तब मान घना रे॥ लाहे कारण मूल गवाँयो। अजहुं न गयी मन की तृष्णा रे॥ कहत कबीर सुनो भई साधो। पार उतर गये संत जना रे॥ wish4me In English Psalm day passed without Ray. Without Ray Ray without hymns hymns. Gwanyo game ... Read More »