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Thakur Anukulchandra Publicaton

Except a few short plays, poems, and songs published as Debojani O Ananya, the only book directly written by Anukulchandra is Satyanusaran.His dictations in the form of rhymes has been compiled into multiple volumes of books by Satsang Publishing House, which was established by Anukulchandra. Many of his conversations and lectures have been recorded by appointed followers and have also been published.

Books in Bengali (Original Work)

  1. Satyanusaran (Pursuit of Truth)
  2. Swasthya O Sadachar Sutra (Health & Hygiene)
  3. Yati Abhidharma (Upholding principles to be followed by a Saint)
  4. Debi-Sukta (On Women)
  5. Tapa-Bidhayana 2 Vol. (Rules of Spiritual Practices)
  6. Bidhi-Binyas (Application of Rules)
  7. Sad-Bidhayana (Rules of Embodiment of Truth)
  8. Nistha-Bidhayana (Rules of Adherence)
  9. Adarsha-Binayaka (Rules of Ideal)
  10. Bidhan-Binayaka (Existential Laws)
  11. Samaj-Sandipana (Guidance for society)
  12. Bikriti-Binayana (Adjustment of Adulteration)
  13. Bigyan-Bibhuti (Scientific Knowledge)
  14. Dhriti-Bidhayana 2 Volumes (Maintenance of Knowledge)
  15. Achar-Charjya 2 Volumes (Rules of Conduct)
  16. Alochana-Prasange 22 Volumes (Discussions)
  17. Nana-Prasange 4 volmes. (Conversation on various Subjects)
  18. Katha-Prasange 3 Volumes (Discourses)
  19. Islam-Prasange (About Islam)
  20. Punya-Punthi (Holy Book)
  21. Anushruti 7 volmes (Rhymes and poetry)
  22. Chalar-Saathi (Companion of Life)
  23. Pather-Kari (Gems for Life)
  24. Nareer-Neeti (Women’s Code)
  25. Seva-Bidhayana (Rules for Service)
  26. Neeti-Bidhayana (Moral Principles)
  27. Kriti-Bidhayana (Rules for Success)
  28. Shiksha-Bidhayana (Educational Principle)
  29. Darshan-Bidhayana (Philosophical Principle)
  30. Nareer Pathe (Women’s Guidance)
  31. Shaswati (Eternal Truths)
  32. Sambitee (Perfect Knowledge)
  33. Taanr-Chithi (Letter written by Anukulchandra)
  34. Amiya-Lipi (Solution of daily life problems)
  35. Ashish-Banee 2 Volumes (Blessings)
  36. Preeti-Binayak 2 Volumes (About Love)
  37. Jaji-Sukta (Principles of Jaajan)
  38. Charyya-Sukta (Habit)
  39. Bibaha-Bidhayana (Marriage)
  40. Sangya-Samiksha (Definition)
  41. Bibidha-Sukta (Rules)
  42. Arya-Pratimokshya (Aryan Culture)
  43. Deeprakshi (Conversations)
  44. Jeevan Dipti 3 Volumes (Enlightenment of Life)
  45. Arya-Kristi (Aryan Culture)
  46. Amiya Bani (Valuable Principles)

Books in English (Original Work)

  1. The Message 9 Volumes
  2. Magnadicta
  3. Lord’s Prayer
  4. Discourses

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