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Thakur Anukulchandra Work

Anukulchandra started his formal education at Himaitpur village elementary school in 1893. In 1898, he was admitted to Pabna Institute and studied there up to the eighth grade. He attended Raipur High School at Amirabad for a short period and then in Naihati High School in the 24 Parganas of West Bengal until 1905. He did not however graduate from high school. Biographies mention an incident where Anukulchandra gave away his matriculation exam registration fees to a classmate, who he found crying as he was not able to afford the registration fees.

Later Anukulchandra was admitted to the National Medical School of Bow Bazar in Calcutta. Anukulchandra tested-out of the school’s high school diploma requirement.

In high school, Anukulchandra wrote several short plays, the first in 1905. He also wrote songs and poems which were later published in a book, Debjani-O-Anyanya.In 1910, Anukulchandra wrote some guiding instructions for one of his friend Atulchandra Bhattachariya, that was later published in 1918 as booklet called Satyanusaran (The Pursuit of Truth).

At the age of 18 in the year 1906 (Bengali year 1313 on 28th day of Shrabana), Anukulchandra’s parents arranged for him to marry Sorashibala, aged 11, daughter of Ramgopal Bhattacharya of Dhopadaha village, residing in Pabna town.Anukulchandra credited much of his success in life to his wife, mentioning that if he had been born as a woman, it would have been as his wife.

After finishing medical school, Anukulchandra started practicing medicine in Himaitpur in 1912. He practiced as a physician for only 3 years. His reputation as a physician spread in the neighboring towns and villages due to reports of a miraculous curing ability. Anukulchandra reportedly paid for his patients’ medicine and provided financial help. Anukulchandra did not have a fixed rate for seeing patients and he accepted fruits and vegetables as payment for his services.

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