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25Exercise 1. Sit in Easy Pose. Put the right hand in the lap. Lift the left arm up to the side at 600 , fingers together. With the palm facing up, stretch the fingers and pull the wriEt downwa.rds (la). Keep elbow and spine straight. Pull back as far as possible. ·It will put a pressure on the elbow muscles. Change hands. Continue for 4 minuteE on each hand.
Now hold both arms up at 600 and pulJ both wrists back (lb). “Meditate calmly on the flow of energy••• just sit quietly in that posture and let the energy start balancing you. The breath will start going in and out
at a particular rate. It will correspond to the energy flow.” Do this for 4 minutes.
Exercise 2. Hold the arms up at 600 . Place the thumbs inside the fists. Move the fists in circles around the wrists (Za). Keep the elbows straight Just go slowly through each round. These are very simple exercises. There is no hurry, or pressure of any kind. Continue for 3 minutes.~
Now bring the arms out parallel to
the ground, still keeping the fists.
Do the same motion as above, adding
to it a circular motion in the
elbows (2b). Continue for 3 minutes.



27Exercise 3. sit in Easy Pose, with the arms out to the sides, parallel to the ground, the elbows are straight, the neck is straight (not pulled in). Fix the fingers and thumb together cupping the hands slightly (3). Do not use Breath
of Fire or heavy breathing. Go past the stage of wanting to yell and there will come a time when AHHH
will just come out. Do this for 10 minutes.

Exercise 4. Stretch the arms up over the head with the elbows touching the ears. Make fists with the thumb inside (4). Stretch the first finger, and close it; 2nd finger, close it; 3rd finger, close it; 4th finger, close it; 1st finger, close it, and continue. Open each finger completely. This is a brain exercise. Continue for 2 minutes.
Exercise 5. Cobra Pose, stick the
tongue all the way out, with the
chin held up (5). Breathe long and
deep through the mouth. Continue
for 2 minutes.
4 Exercise 6. Sit in Easy Pose (6).
Stick the tongue out and curl it.
Inhale through the rolled tongue
and exhale through the nose. Continue
for 3-1/2 minutes.



29Exercise 7. Sit in Eapy Pose. Place the hands on the knees (7). Deeply roll around grinding on the buttocks. Do 52 rotations in each direction.
Exercise 8. Sit in Easy Pose with the arms bent at the elbows in front of you and the hands hanging loosly. Begin rolling the shoulders forward. Continue for 3 minutes.
Exercise 9. “Celibacy Kick.”

Stretch the legs straight and place the hands on the ground. Raise alternating legs, bringing each knee to the nose and then back down (9). Do not bend the legs. This affects the lower spine. It will open up your sinuses if done properly, and will work against any headache. Continue for 3 minutes.
Exercise 10. Sit in Lotus Position. Interlock the hands behind the back and bring the head down to the groun, in front. Raise the hands up (10). Be very peaceful in this position. Continue for 2 minutes.

Keeping up the same position, chant
for 1 minute. Inhale and pull up
further. Then relax the arms down.



31Exercise 11. Maintain the Lotus Pose. Stretch the arms out in front parallel to the ground. Interlace fingers and extend the first fingers together pointing forward. Keep a straight spine and straight elbows. Continue for 3 minutes.
This Kriya balances the aura and electromagnetic field, stimulates the elimination of body toxins, develops muscular coordination, and gives balance to the brain. It is a great practice to stay in tune particularly if you have something to do that requires quick clear decisions, and delicate manipulations. It is also excellent to practice if your work gives you brain fatigue and mental sluggishness.
Exercises 1 through 4 give balance to the aura, muscles, and brain. Exercise 3, and 4 are especially good for brain balance. Exercise 3 was used as part of a system of therapy for the mentally imbalanced. They would feel great pain and yell and scream. But the pain is only a record of the amount of brain adjustment needed.
Exercises 5 through 8 work on breakinq the deposits and tension
of poor digestion and high toxicity. Exercises 9 and 10 open the head and lung areas. Exercise 11 consolidates your mental projection into a one pointed positivity towards yourself and your daily tasks.