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60 Sit In Easy Pose. Bring the left hand up to the level of the chest; forearm Is paraDe! to the ground; palm Is facing the body. Grasp the left wrist with the right hand from the outside. Do not endrde the left wrist with the thumb. Oase the eyes to a silt. “dee eyes,” and turning left palm sUghtly upward, 8tare Into palm as Into a minor. Create powerful tension by pu1Jlng toward the chest with the right. Continuefor 2·3 minutes. Donot reverse.
ThIll Jcrlya uorb on the Iddneys and adrenals. It 111m cause ~glandular ~It wm make J,IOU uxmt co cheat. Don’t ~about your ~gothrough It. Uduringtlds ~ J,IOU wish to Inhale and hold the breath before exhalIng.
your lungs will beputthrough 801M change&.
Sit In rock pose. Extend the arms overhead and reach back. keeping the elbows straight. Face the palms toward the oeding. Drop the head back. look up and 61point the chin upward. gradually spreading the knees as wide as possible. Relax Into the posltlon for 2•3 minutes.
Prasure wUl be on the chat. We wal prepare ouraeloes to get where &De UlCIIIt to go mUlImeter bymUUmeter
Remaining on the right heel, extend the left leg. Place the palms on the floor beside the body. Raise the leg up 60 degrees and raise the buttocks as high as possible. Swttchsldes and repeat. Hold the position
for 1·2 minutes on each side.
Sit In rock pose. Place the hands on the ground behind the body and arch up Into half camel pose. pen the mouth wide and stick the tongue out. Inhale and belly laugh on the exhale. Continue for 10 repetitions. Relax on the back for 3 minutes.
This exercise exerts a lot 0/pressureand balances the caldum and magnesium In the body.













Sit In rock pose. Interlace the fingers and raise them to the throat level with the palms facing down. 63
Press the thumbs together. With no special breath. vigorously flex the shoulders up and down. Continue for 2·3 minutes.
The body is the ueh,cle of God. It should never be exploited. This exercise pumps up the blood. Doing ft. you will avoidan unnatural death.
Remain in rock pose. Stretch the arms straight . overhead with the fingers interlaced and the Jupiter fingers pointing up. Open the mouth and stick the tongue all the way out. Twist to the left and then to the right using the whole spine. Continue twisting while breathing normally for 3 64minutes.
Stand up with the feet about· two feet apart. Maintaining a straight spine. bend forward from the waist until the upper body is parallel to the ground. Relax the arms down. RoD the eyes up and raise the head only as high as Is necessary to see straight ahead. Hold the position for 3 minutes.
This position helps to adjust the vertebral discs.
Remain in 1he same standing position. Raise 1he armsback and up as high as possible. Rapidly open and dose the fists for 3 minutes. Relax on the back for 3minutes.
Thfs is a major overhaul as we use muscles not usually arlled upon. 65It is goodforpain In the back of the head and works on the five ~ters ofthe brain.
Sit In rock pose. Interlace the fingers and place them on the forehead with the palms facing out. Open the mouth and stick the tongue aU the way out. Inhale. and powerfully exhale through the mouth. Pull muhlband on the exhale. Continue for 2 minutes.
Remain In the same position. Pucker the Ups until only a small hole remains. Inhale and exhale through the hole with a whistle for 1 minute.
Remain In rock pose. Begin making a ducking sound with the tongue clicking against the upper palate. The mouth remains open. Continue for 2 to 3 minutes.
Take a 15 minute walk in the fresh air-barefoot On the 66ground is best.
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Spread the knees wide and come up onto them Extend the arms straight over the head with the palms facing each other. Drop the head to the rear and face the chin up. Then drop the head forward and place the chin on the·chest. Continue the backward and forward motion of the head for 1 minute. Lower the arms.

13) Remain up on the knees. Hold the head straight. open the mouth, and stick out the tongue. Inhale and raise the hands over the head with the palms facing toward the ceiling. Exhale and let them drop. Continue for 2 minutes.

14) .Remain up on the knees with the head facing forward.. Inhale, raise the hands up over the head. and clap them together one time. Exhale, dropping the hands to the sides of the body. Swing the arms loosely forward, clapping hands again. Then raise arms over head, InhaUng and clapping as the three phase exercise begins again: clap. drop. clap-clap drop. dap•••contlnue for 1 minute. ThIs exerdse IIIIUprevent lungproblems.

6915) Squat down into crow pose and place the palms on the ground with the elbows outside of the. knees. Keep the head up. Begin chanting your favorite mantra for 2 minutes.

00111 pose puts directpressure on the colon. AUoIII thepressureand don’t IDOrry.

16) Remain In crow pose with the hands on the ground.. Inhale, tilt the head to the left and place the ear on the shoulder. Exhale, tilt the head to the right and place the other ear on the shoulder. Continue for 2 70minutes.









17) QuIckly come into rock pose and fold the arms across the chest72 with the right arm closer to the body. Place the right hand on the left upper arm and tuck the left hand inside the right elbow. OoSe the eyes. Rotate the head in a figure eight. Stop. Open the eyes and stare. Oose the eyes and rotate the head in the opposite direction. Continue to rotate the figure eight in alternate directions with the eyes closed. stopping and staring between each rotation. Continue for 1 minute.
. 18) Sit in easy pose and grasp the Jmees with the hands. Inhale and flex the spine forward and the head falls back. Exhale and collapse the spine. the head coming forward. Continue keeping the neck loose. the head falling back and forth with the rhythm oftheflex for2 -3 minutes.
During this exercise, every disc &Df11 moue uiDlently.
19) Remain in easy pose. Grind at the waist in a clockwise motion as though whirling a hula-hoop. Continue for 3 minutes. Reverse.
. ThIs kriya is goodfor the liuer.
20) Stand up and fold the arms across the chest as in Exercise 17. Squat into crow pose and return to a standing position. Begin chanting your favorite mantra. Continue for 2 -3 minutes.
7421) Remain standing and clap the hands as fast as possible f~r 2 minutes.
22) Sit in easy pose. Extend the arms straight up’ . overhead with the palms facing forward. Bend the Saturn and Sun fingers and lock them under the thumbs. Begin alternately pulling down the arms and thrusting them into the air. keeping the fore.
arms perpendicular to the ground. Rapidly continue this alternate pulling and thrusting for 2 -3 minutes.
7323) Completely relax on the back and listen to 34 beat rhythm gong music. Meditate.