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Achievements of Anandmurti




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Achievements of Anandmurti

Anandmurti Gurumaa showed extraordinary signs of a mystic in the making early in life. From the very beginning she was being blessed by mystics and sages right at her home. From the tender age of nine, Gurumaa would put such questions before her school teachers and others that they would be surprised by her sharp intellect and deep insights in spirituality. Those around her felt it remarkable that a child of her age could put such questions.
Gurumaa received her education from a convent school. Once it so happened that a missionary came to her school to deliver a talk on moral science. Gurumaa stood up and asked the missionary: Who is God? Have you experienced His presence? Are you reading about God from the scripture or are you saying what comes from your own experience? The missionary did not answer her questions but went straight to the Principal. When Gurumaa and her parents were called to the Principal’s office, the missionary requested that their child with her exceptional abilities be trained to spread the message of Christ.

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