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In 1918 he was in the city of Udipi at the Krishna temple there. Two of the local men, Dr Kombarbail and his friend Mr. Bhat used to daily walk to the temple and one day were attracted by the lean, bright looking Nityananda standing among the usual collection of ascetics at the temple. They tried to talk to him but he turned away from them declining to be recognized. A few weeks later they saw him again alone at the Ananteshwar temple. The doctor seized his hands so he could not retreat and addressed him rapidly in three different languages (Hindi, Kanarese, and English), not knowing which Indian dialect he might speak. The young ascetic appeared to be having trouble speaking and repeated several times “Nityananda, Nityananda” alluding to the fact that his blissful state made the formulation of speech difficult. When he finally responded to the two gentlemen, the unschooled Nityananda replied to them fluently also in three different languages – two of which they had used in questioning him (English and Hindi), and a third, Konkani, which was their own native language which they had given no indication of knowing.

During this period of his life, Nityananda traveled to many different villages and cities in the area. His presence was unpredictable and he had an uncanny knack of turning up unexpectedly somewhere whenever people in the area would gather and express the desire to see him. Often he would disappear in one place and appear up to fifty miles away and nobody could explain how he had covered the distance so quickly.

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