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Strengthening Intuitive F projection



November 13, 1985

vvvvv1. Sit in Easy Pose with your spine straight. Close your eyes. Move your arms as if you are swimming. Extend one and then the other in a constant motion. As you swim imagine yourself in a vast ocean as night is falling and a storm is coming. You can’t see the shore, so use your intuition to determine which way to go to reach the shore. Whichever direction your intuition directs you, project yourself in that direction. Imagine that your survival depends on swimming in the right direction. Swim vigorously so the motion will automatically give you a special breath rhythm. 11 1/2 Minutes.

Only with a vigorous effort can you achieve the correct breath rhythm. Once you have achieved the breath rhythm then this creative pranayam will help you develop your ability to think intuitively.

2. Come into Baby Pose with the spine totally relaxed. As your head touches the floor imagine your relief that you have made it safely to the shore. Feel gratitude in every cell. 7 Minutes.

To finish: Inhale deeply and, while still in Baby Pose, move the spine in all directions to loosen it up. Let the spine readjust itself. Gradually rise up and relax.