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Anantāsana Useful Links


About Yoga Aasan    Benefits      Media Gallery  Useful Links Anantāsana Useful Links      1. Anantāsana, Ananta-asana: 1 definitionāsana      2. File:Anantāsana-posture of ananta.jpgāsana-posture_of_ananta.jpg      3. Side-Reclining Leg Lift | Anantasana | Yoga Pose – Yoga  Journal      4. Anantāsana › Gyan Ganga › Yoga      5. Anantāsana : définition de Anantāsana et synonymes de ... Read More »

बाबा रामदेव : प्रोफाइल

हरियाणा में रामकृष्ण यादव के नाम से पैदा हुए रामदेव को बाबा रामदेव के नाम से जाना जाता है। उन्हें एक ऐसा आध्यात्मिक नेता समझा जाता है जिसने योग, आयुर्वेद, कृषि और राजनीति में योगदान दिया है जिसने योग, आयुर्वेद, कृषि और राजनीति में योगदान दिया है। उन्हें भारतीय लोगों के बीच योग को लोकप्रिय बनाने वाले के तौर पर ... Read More »

Nityanand Bhagawan Publication

Life    Achivements    Work    Media Bhagawan Nityananda of Ganeshpuri, by Swami Muktananda. Siddha Yoga Publications, 2nd edition (1996). ISBN 0-911307-45-1. Life of Bhagawan Nityananda & Chidakasha Geeta, by Deepa Kodikal. Surendra Kalyanpur, 2007. Nityananda: In Divine Presence, by M.U. Hatengdi, 1990. Read More »

What is Yoga?


What is light? Light is where you can see everything. Light is where darkness disappears. Who is enlightened? One who can see everything: good, bad, and neutral. One who sees all and sees God. If you cannot see God in all, you cannot see God at all. Those who seek God inside, find it. Those who seek God outside, waste ... Read More »

Méditations & Pranayams sans mantra


Capacité aérobic et efficacité 384 Séries respiratoires de base 385 Exercice de prise de conscience de la respiration 386 Respiration du feu avec les mains en pattes de lion 387 Méditation pour une autorité naturelle constante 388 Méditation pour l’envergure de la vie 389 Méditation avec mudra pour la « polarité composite » 390 Pour stimuler le système immunitaire : ... Read More »

Séries & Kriyas

Exercise Set for State of Mind and Paranoia

ECHAUFFEMENT Surya namaskara (La salutation au soleil) 336 LES SERIES FAVORITES DES ENSEIGNANTS Eveillez-vous à vos dix corps 337 Série de base pour l’énergie de la colonne vertébrale 339 Flexibilité et colonne vertébrale 340 Kriya pour l’élévation 343 Nabhi kriya 345 Nabhi kriya pour prana et apana 346 Sat kriya 348 Renforcement de l’aura 349 Pression sur les surrénales et ... Read More »

Méditation en Gyan Mudra


  Accueil >> Le Kundalini Yoga >> Yogi BHAJAN >> Où pratiquer le Kundalini Yoga ? >> Stages et évènements >> Le Festival de Yoga >> Exercices et méditations >> Livres et manuels >> Devenir professeur de KY >> En savoir plus sur la FFKY >> Structure Internationale (3HO) >> Fédération Internationale (IKYTA) >> “The Aquarian Teacher” en français >> ... Read More »

Strengthening Intuitive F projection

Swarg Nark Sab Is Dharti Pe Bhajan

November 13, 1985 1. Sit in Easy Pose with your spine straight. Close your eyes. Move your arms as if you are swimming. Extend one and then the other in a constant motion. As you swim imagine yourself in a vast ocean as night is falling and a storm is coming. You can’t see the shore, so use your intuition ... Read More »

Subagh Kri’ya

Swarg Nark Sab Is Dharti Pe Bhajan

This is a 5 part kriya. Each part must be practiced for an equal amount of time, either 3 Minutes or 11 Minutes. Do not exceed 11 Minutes. Only the first exercise of this kriya may be practiced on its own, separately from the other exercises. 1. Sit in Easy Pose with a straight spine. Allow your upper arms to ... Read More »