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Amongst his notable disciples are Tarakehpa and Nigamananda Saraswati (premonastic name Nalanikanta Bhattacharyya). It is usually told that ghosts would even be afraid to create a nuisance, when they would see the guru—sishya duo Bamakhepa and Tarakhepa. Realizing that Nalanikanta is on the verge of full-fledged monastic life, Bamakhepa taught him tantra sadhana for just 20 days and on the 21st night which happened to an amavasya, he convinced Nalanikant to sit on a dead in the evening. Scared Nalanikant initially denied but then agreed to the scolding of Bamakhepa. He was asked to chant the Tara—beej mantra all throughout, without distraction, till his dreams of Devi—darshan is fulfilled. Nalanikant had hurdles along the way, being challenged by ghosts but Bamakhepa helped him from distance roaring towards the ghosts and asking Nalanikant not to leave his seat. Leaving the seat is a `fowl’ in Tantra sadhana (for what is the reason of scare, if he has the faith that the one whom he/she is meditating is on his/her side). Right before dawn, Nalanikanta saw Devi in the form of his wife, and upon request asked Devi to manifest herself in her own iconographic form. He could not bear the `Chandogra’ form of Goddess Tara, was shivering and went to trance.He used to beat Maa Tara when she was unable to eat the food given by him as it was a idol made by him, then he went to the temple and saw the red spots on Maa’s back.

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