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Lord Jagannath’s promise was fulfilled when a son was born to Ananda Kishore and Swarnamoyee in 2nd August 1841, whom they named Bijoy Krishna (Lord Krishna won by love). Alike other messiahs who are born in peculiar situations Bijoy Krishna was born in a wild thicket of arum plants where his mother hid herself when a gang raided their house. Bijoy Krishna, the second son of Ananda Kishore and Swarnamoyee was quite different from others in his childhood. He would talk to the tutelary deity Shyam Sundar (Krishna), play ball game with Him and feed Him the milk meant for him. One day Bijoy refrained from taking food because Shyam Sundar did not return the ball thrown to Him. When every body failed to force him to take his dinner, his food was kept in the dining room. The mother also remained without food and slept. At the dead night Swarnamoyee heard a dialogue from the dining room. She woke up to find Bijoy was not in his bed. She heard Bijoy saying (to Shyam Sundar);”I was angry and vowed not to take food until you return my ball but why did you not take your dinner?”…. after a minute silence Bijoy replied,”Oh! You love me so much. Alright let us share the food, we both are hungry.” After some time when silence prevailed the mother entered the room to see that Bijoy was asleep on the floor and the dishes empty. She fainted.

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