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Exercise 1. Sit in easy pose. Holding the ankles with the hands, begin Camel Rock, flexing the lower spine forward and raising shoulders on the inhale (la). With each exhale, flex the lower spine back and relax the shoulders (lb). (This is slightly different from normal Camel Rock.) Repeat this motion 108 times. Then rest 2-1/2 to 5 minutes.
Exercise 2. Lock the fingers inlao bear grip at the heart center (2). Move the elbows in a see-saw motion coordinated with a powerful breath. Repeat this motion 108 times.
Chant any divine mantra.
Exercise 4. In easy pose, drop the head back. Inhale. Exhale and holding the breath out pump the stomach 8 times (4). Inhale and holding the breath in, pump the stomach 8 times. Repeat this cycle 3 times.6 - Copy


24Exercise 5. Relax completely for 5 minutes. Move the consciousness to the navel point. Raise the mental body above the physical body while the teacher chants long SAT NAM.
This Kriya generates Utapa,u the psychic heat. Exercise 1 rhythmically pulls the silver cord as circulation is increased to the head centers. The thyroid is stimulated and heat is generated along the spine that radiates out to the rest of the body.
Exercise 2 employs a mudra that pumps pranic energy through the heart center and solar plexus to distribute and energize the nerves further. At this point chanting will be particularly effective. Sound will be supercharged with the subtle breath energy. So chant and feel the vibration throughout the body.
Exercise 4 stimulates the digestive system. You also confirm the flow.of the Kundalini energy from the navel point to the head centers and back. It preserves the body and paves the way towards a positive mental projection.
When you want to experience your subtle auric body, or shake off a tension, don’t hesitate to practice this kriya. It is most effective on an empty stomach.