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40 Exercise 2. Sit in Easy Pose and join the hands in Venus Lock behind the head (2). Like a grinding wheel roll the total spine around on the hips by working the abdomen. Roll down to the bottom and around in deep circular motions. Continue for 3 minutes.

Exercise 1. sit in Easy Pose and extend the arms out parallel to the ground with the elbows straight. Make the hands into fists with the Saturn finger extended. Begin circling the arms backwards (1). There should be no looseness. The movement should be tight and powerful.
Continue for 5 to 10 minutes and then increase the speed for 2 more minutes.

Exercise 3. Sit in Easy Pose and put the thumbs on the pad at the base of the little finger (3a),(at the mound of Mercury). Put arms out parallel to the ground with the palms facing down (3b). Alternately begin to raise one arm to 600 while the other arm goes down 600 . Continue
fast and powerfully for 3 minutes.







42Exercise 4. Get into Camel Pose (4a). Bend the elbows and lower the body back as far as possible (4b). The head does not touch the ground. Continue
going up and down for 2-3 minutes.
Exercise 5. From Camel Pose, come forward and bring the forehead and arms to the floor (5). Then go back into Camel Pose. Make this a continuous
motion. Keep up for 2 minutes.
Exercise 6. Sit in Easy Pose with
4a arms parallel to the ground. Curl the fingers into fists, with the thumbs pointing up (6). Twist from side to side. You will feel pressure
on the forearm if done correctly.
Continue for 1-2 minutes.








45Exercise 7. Sit on the heels. Inhale and pump the stomach in and out as many times as possible Exhale and pump as many times as possible. You can do it about 50 times if you like.
Exercise 8. Roll the spine around on the buttocks 52 times to the left and 52 times to the right
Exercise 9. Sit on the heels. Make the hands into fists with the thumbs inside (9). Powerfully pull

one arm back while the other extends forward. As each arm is extended its full length, the fingers open up as if they were grabing something They close quickly and then pull very powerfully towards the body. Continue alternating arms for 3 minutes.

Exercise 10. Stand Up. Hold the
arms parallel to the ground with
the palms facing the floor (10).
Very slowly begin tilting one arm
up as the other goes down. ContinuE for 5-7 minutes.



43Exercise 11. Sit down. Extend the left leg forward and put the right foot into the groin. Catch the left toe and bend slowly down to the left knee (11). Hold this position for 2 minutes on each side.
Exercise 12. Sit in Lotus or Easy Pose, clasp the hands behind at base of spine with the index fingers outstretched and together
Bend forward and raise up the arms as high as possible. Come back up. Bend forward towards the right and raise the arms UPi come back up. Bend to the center, corne up, to the left, corne up, to the right, up …. Continue
for 3 minutes. Relax.







This set is specially recommended for women as a regular practice. It wards off menstrual problems, breast cancer, and excess emotionality. It is good for men too.
Exercise 1 gives the mind calmness and strength to judge each situation. Exercise 2 cuts down excess waistlines, improves digestion and builds your overall power of recuperation. Exercise 3 strengthens the aura, your power to communicate clearly,
and removes the deposits in the shoulder area. Exercises 4-5 are for the lower back and sciatic nerves. They prevent headaches and adjust the thigh area. Exercise 6 is for the magnetic field, heart, and shoulders. Exercises 7 and 8 can correct any imbalance between the diaphram and the sex organ. They are valuable exercises for rebalancing the navel point


Exercise 9 is for the area of the lungs and for
adjusting the hip bones. It also helps avoid breast cancer.
It gives you a strong sense of your own centerdness.
Exercise 10 and 11 work on the mental equilibrium and release
anxiety. The last exercise corrects problems of the colon and
liver areas.
This entire set is a good example of practical preventativeself-
health care. When the body has become diseased, it is ver) difficult for preventative measures to be fully effective. A regular practice of kriyas such as this one, will aid in the assurance of a longer and healther life.