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ConCjuer rain



February 8, 1995
ggjgj copySit in Easy Pose with your spine straight and your chin in and chest out. Split your fingers so that the Jupiter and Saturn fingers are together and the Sun and Mercury fingers are together. Stretch your arms straight out to the sides, parallel to the ground. There will be a stretch felt in the armpits. The left palm faces downward and the right palm faces upward. Inhale deeply and powerfully through the mouth as if you are drinking the air. Exhale powerfully through the nose. Slow your breathing so that you breathe only three times per minute. Keep your arms straight and your armpits stretched. 11 Minutes.

To finish: Inhale deeply through your mouth, hold your breath for 15 seconds, stretch your arms out to the sides, and stretch your spine upward. Exhale through the nose and repeat this sequence two more times.

This self-healing process builds your body’s capacity to conquer pain. It balances your central nervous system.

After three minutes the pain will grow and you must be strong to conquer any negativity. There will be a war between you and your mind and you have to win it.

This kriya trains your body to fight pain. When your body is trained to fight pain, you can conquer any obstacle.